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USB Storage Device Disable or Enable

The question of how to disable or enable the USB port for USB storage devices comes up time and again. 
Rather than re-write what’s already posted in many places in the internet, the following are some links that discuss the process further.
1. How to disable / enable USB if the storage device is already installed in the computer:
NOTE: The IntelliAdmin discussion goes a step further by recommending the renaming of the USBSTOR.PNF and USBSTOR.INF files found in the C:WindowsInf folder.  Try this out when you notice the Registry changes keep reverting to the initial values set.
2. The following links also discuss how to make a USB storage device accessible but only read-only:
3. If you’re looking at doing this en masse via Group Policy, check this out:
4. Part of the information found in some of the links is based on Microsoft’s KB article on the same subject:
If the storage device is NOT yet installed in the computer, the KB article recommends changing the permissions to the USBSTOR.INF and USBSTOR.PNF files. 
NOTE: As of the last review of this KB, April 19, 2005 – Revision 3.4, it covers only Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.  Check back to see if it also officially supported for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
5. And finally, in case you see that the Security tab for the properties of files and folders is missing, check out this link:
In theory this only applies to the use of USB storage devices.  Other USB-based devices such as keyboards and mice should not be impacted.
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