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Opportunities to Love

With God’s grace we must try to take advantage of all the opportunities He sends us to love Him and one another – even if it will cause an inconvenience on our part, in whatever form.  I believe it’s also important to try to find a way to make it a “win-win” situation, otherwise there’s no point in doing good for another person if in the process one loses respect for one’s self too.  God would not want that to happen, too. 
I’m sure God would still want us to play fair.  It’s not just a matter of not being selfish; it’s also ensuring your neighbor doesn’t become spoiled or take advantage of you, too, because that wouldn’t be good either.  No point in tolerance if ultimately this will not help your neighbor be a better person. 
On a side-note, this is probably why punishment is an important part of the human experience in life – it is a corrective measure, if not also a reparative measure, for harm done. 
Still, the challenge remains.  Out of love for God and our neighbor, we should try to broaden our own comfort zones and personal spaces to accommodate their needs. 
What’s the point in having all the blessings of this life – undeserved to begin with – if these lead one further and further away from loving one another?  We are meant to use the gifts He gives us in this life to show love for one another, and NOT the other way around. 
On a personal note, I beg the Good Lord to give me the strength to take advantage of all the opportunities He sends me.  I’m not good at it and so need to work on this… And I can’t do it without Him.
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