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State of the Blog: Seven Days Later

Since my further expansion into cyberspace territory with the start of this blog last December 29, 2008, I have already filed 19 posts (including this one) under a couple of categories, deleted one post (the original version of Happiness and Love – Insights to Consider, only because the embedded video didn’t work; in retrospect I should have just re-used it instead of deleting and recreating from scratch), and edited several posts after they have been published as per initial and anticipated violent / confused / positive feedback reactions.  Smile  I made sure some of the content has been sanitized of any information that might be deemed too personal to other people, in particular if I’m referring to them, or related to work that should not be broadcast to the public.  I indeed learned a couple of things in doing this activity in the first seven days that I have started it.
It’s fun blogging.  I never imagined!  Open-mouthed  No wonder a lot of people are into this hobby.  It’s a unique venue to express one’s ideas and creativity to the world.  What a powerful medium this is!  What I particularly liked about Windows Live! Spaces is that there are other modules I can use to express myself, such as lists of my favorite books, music and movies.  It helps give insight into who I am aside from what I publish in my posts.
I’ve done a "soft-release" announcement of this blog, by e-mailing or texting friends and family about it.  Like what I told some of my friends:
It’s a blog that’s just seven days old, horribly named and with a mismatched URL.  I think that’s why it’s not yet appearing in any of the search engines, even in Microsoft’s Live! Search, considering that I’m already using their Live! blog product.  This is why I’m unscrupulously advertising it in the interim, hehehe.
Already one of my friends in the office was surprised to find out that we have a common interest with some of the books I’ve listed…  Something tell’s me it’s not anything to do with Windows Servers, Zombies, or Exorcism, though.  But then again…  She has a smile that will rival that of the Joker‘s, so perhaps she’s also reading some of the, ah, more exotic titles I’ve listed.  Hehehe.  (Don’t worry my dear, it’s still a sweet smile!  Hehehe. Wink)
By this time my blog has at least been viewed in Manila, Singapore, Seattle and Pittsburgh, and hopefully soon in Bangkok, courtesy of the friends and family I have in these places.  Who knows how far this goes, if at all it goes any further from the people who personally know me!
Like what I also told some of my friends earlier…  I don’t expect this blog to be popular.  Even if I’ll be the only one reading it, I will continue to blog away as often as I’m inspired to do so.  In case someday, someone is actually curious to know what I’m thinking about now, or what I’m up to now, then they can check it out here! Smile  Already I have some favorite posts among my posts, and I’ve come up with a "Favorite Entries" list of it that readers can start off if they don’t know where to begin reading.  (My first post, a very short discussion about this blog, would be a good start.)  I’m curious to know where the content of what I’m posting is gravitating to; initially it’s a random mix of technology, religion and personal matters, but let’s just see as I move on here.
I sincerely hope that some of the content I shared in my blog will be useful or insightful in one way or another to whoever comes across it.  I see a lot of good things on the internet, and it’s just a shame not to tell others about it.  There are some ideas that are worth sharing and discussing, and I hope my initial thoughts on the matter will help start these discussions — or at least make people think about it.  And then there are stories that are just heart-warming, and I hope sharing these will touch the lives of people who read it as much as these stories touched my life.
Work resumes tomorrow, and I will be busy again.  I don’t know how much further this blog will go on, but for what it’s worth these last seven days have been a really great learning experience for me.  I thank God, I thank Jesus, for the opportunity He gave me in using this medium to learn and to not be afraid to express myself.
So, until my next post (whether that’s in the next 10 minutes or the next 10 months — let’s just see), I’ll keep you guys and gals… posted. Smile
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