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How To Tell Your Age

Instead of quoting an age younger than your actual age, try quoting an age a few years ahead.
Usually when you give an age younger than your age, there will be people who will not believe you.  Most people prefer to be younger than what they actually are, and most people know that.  However if you give them an age older than your actual age, people might actually comment the opposite and say that you look younger than your age.  Now, doesn’t that sound better! Open-mouthed 
The trick here is to give an age that could feasibly be true, at the same time not look it.  For example, if you’re 30 but you say you’re 40, people can still comment that you look younger than that, and from there you can tell them that you blame your genes for giving you such youthful skin. Open-mouthed  However if you actually look like you’re 40, then this will obviously backfire. Tongue out
Side-track a little: Besides…  Is it such a bad thing to be old?  Sometimes actually being young can work against you.  Have you ever had the experience of being in a position of authority, but because you didn’t look the part (read: you didn’t look old enough or "distinguished" or experienced enough for the job), you unfortunately didn’t command the respect you deserve?  Age is not a good barometer of one’s experience or wisdom.  However for lack of any further personal knowledge of someone, sometimes it is used as the basis.  It’s not fair, but it happens.  For times like these… it does pay to be older.  Literally.
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