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Looking up to the skies

PAGASA announced that today we would see the biggest and brightest full moon of the year at around 7:00 p.m.
Too bad we couldn’t configure our digital camera right for night photography.  It was, indeed, a wonderful sight.  To make things better, the sky was so clear — I could see the stars. 
Stars — I literally don’t remember the last time I saw these in the night sky!  With all the pollution and / or atmospheric disturbances running about, it was a rare sight to enjoy.  The moon was very big and bright, but what captured my attention was the stars.  I guess you can say I was star-struck tonight.  Open-mouthed  I tried to remember what I learned in Grade 5 science class about the constellations in the sky.  I believe I saw the Big Dipper again after so many years. 
Rare moments indeed…  Thank God for the chance to see and enjoy the moment. Smile
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