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Break Declared!

Hey guys…  Hope things are doing fine from your end. 
I just recently completed reading "The Criminalization of Christianity."  It is an eye-opening work indeed; I got an interesting though not directly related insight as I was reading the book.  I consider reading religious books as my "heavy reading" fare.  Too bad I had to order it from out of the country; there used to be stock available locally but it has since run out.  When you get a chance to get hold or borrow a copy of the book, I recommend that you read it.
Last weekend I spent my time posting new blog entries.  More or less I’ve done the same this weekend.  I’ve posted quite a few but diverse material this weekend.  Not bad, I should say, hehehe. 
I have to catch up on what I consider my "light reading" fare — technical materials.  I plan to pick up where I last left in reading the "MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-643): Configuring Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure" book I ordered last November.  The technical side of me is itching to get back on track in upgrading my infrastructure skills, in particular this aspect of Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Come the Lenten season I’m planning to start reading Bo Sanchez‘s 40 Stories of Passion, which I think will be a good fit for the season.  (I thought of mentioning this, if only to say that I haven’t forgotten this gift, Emmilyn.  Thanks again! Smile)
Anyways…  I am declaring a break, for now, in any blog activity so that I can spend some time with my books.  Since I’ll have more free time on my hands (because I do research and reflection whenever I make a post, it sometimes takes a while to get something out) I might as well catch up on some exercise too, hehehe.  That new mountain bike I bought on December 29, the same day I started this blog, is starting to rust because of non-use. Tongue out
I don’t know how long (or short-lived) this break will be…  I guess we’ll just see.  For the few people out there who are actually reading my blog — THANK YOU! Smile  I guess it might be good to subscribe to an RSS feed of my blog so that you’ll just get notified if there’s anything new here.
Okay…  This is all for now.  Take care everybody.  God bless us all. Smile
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