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I’m Back

Somehow, I couldn’t keep my mind off of ideas of what I can post here…  I’m back. Smile
The songs of my soul… Valentine’s is near (Hi!), and shortly after that is the Lenten season (If I Could Touch You).  I look forward to Lent more than Christmas, only because the mood is more reflective of what’s important in this life, and in particular the next.  (On a related note see my post What Will Matter, something I got from my sister in a forwarded e-mail three years ago.)
Today our subdivision held its second-ever Chess Exhibition with Asia’s first-ever Grand Master, Eugene Torre.  I got checkmated out of the game after only a short while, but since it’s not everyday that you get to play against a Grand Master, it was the opportunity of a lifetime.  The first time we had this was five years ago.  I don’t know when the next Chess Exhibition will be held, but I’ll definitely be playing again.
I have attempted to get back to my reading like what I mentioned I planned to do, and to some small degree I have (emphasis on small).  Work has been very busy and, honestly, I’m just stressed out.  The other week I had three conference calls at night, which led me to get sick the whole of last weekend.  That was a bummer.  Yeah, I did take a break from blogging over the weekend, only because I was too sick to do so. 
Suffice it to say I’m not amused by what I have to deal with now. Sad I’m an Infra Arch attempting to understand and do the work of a Data Arch…  Still, on the bright side it’s a definite learning experience that won’t go to waste, because aside from myself a lot of people also discovered a lot of things in the course of this ongoing research.  This new knowledge I’m gaining is something that I won’t be seeing and applying for the last time in my current assignment.
Still… I’d be lying if I said I was happy doing what I’m doing now.  Sigh.  It’s just one of those days wherein you wish you were doing something because you enjoy doing it rather than because you are being paid to do it.  I do what I must do because at the end of the day I’m a professional, and will act that way regardless of what I feel.  Besides, I’d rather have a problem because of something at work instead of not having work at all.  I cannot begin to imagine what it’s like to be unemployed in these times.  Thus, I’m still very grateful for what I have.  And, in fairness, what I have is still very good… though it could be better. Smile
Speaking of work…  I’ve already received something like five offers (three e-mails and two calls) from head hunters interested in getting me for open infrastructure technology positions in their respective companies, here locally and in Singapore — all within this month.  Considering the current global financial crisis and many people losing their jobs, this is flattering.  Unfortunately the positions don’t capture my fancy… One of the companies was offering a Director-level position of sorts (from how I understood the offer), but it was more of a resource management role, for a technology that I was not familiar with.  Even then, I believe my present employer has a no-hire agreement with that particular company…  Had they offered something close to my present skill set and interests, I might be forced to decline it because ultimately they would have to turn down my application because of said agreement. 
Someday I might come across one that I’ll actually really, really, really want to pursue — no-hire agreements notwithstanding.  I’m not closing my doors to other options out there.  I will leave my present company for that opportunity should it come — but only for the right reasons, of course. 
Okay… That’s enough talk about work for now.  I already had a lot of talk about work this past week, and there will be more of this in the many weeks to come.
I have a terrible need to relax and unwind this weekend…  There might be something nice showing now; perhaps a movie or two tomorrow.  I’m cutting down on my Starbucks Frappuccino intake this year to once a week instead of five times a week (minimum) to help cut down on my sugar intake.  I already had my fill for this week, but I may just make an exception this week with all the stress I’ve had.  I guess we’ll just see. Smile
This is all for now.  Take care everybody.  God bless us all.
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