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Life: Imagine the Potential

The U.S. has elected the most pro-abortion government in decades.  Already President Obama has lifted some of the restrictions imposed by the previous administration regarding this matter.  Isn’t it sad that for a free country such as the U.S., the rights of not all its citizens are protected.  I’m speaking here about the rights of the unborn.
I just learned of a very recent story in Florida wherein a late-term abortion was not successful.  In other words, the woman tried to have an abortion but instead gave birth to a live baby girl.  One of the owners of the abortion clinic basically picked up the live baby, put her in a biohazard bag and threw her out.  It is causing an uproar, even with the pro-abortion side.  Has humanity gone as low as outright infanticide??? Crying  (See more of this story from the Associated Press: Fla. doctor investigated in badly botched abortion.)
All life, from the moment of conception, is sacred.  As CatholicVote.com says in one of it’s advertisements [you have GOT TO SEE this!] that was unfortunately not allowed to air on NBC, one can just imagine the potential of that new life in the womb, despite whatever circumstances may surround it. 
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