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Miracles Closer To Home

February 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
My best friend texted me early this morning to tell me that she was sick yesterday.  I wished her well, a Happy Valentine’s, and God’s blessings that she will feel better today.
Apparently she did get God’s blessings for her today.
She texted me again this evening to give me some news.  She found out that there was a healing Mass in her Parish.  The priest presiding was Fr. Nelson Osorio of St. Joseph Parish of San Jose, Batangas (Vicariate IV) from the Archdiocese of Lipa.  Now, it’s not everyday that you get the chance to meet someone who has the charism or gift of healing, and apparently this was one of those priests blessed by the Holy Spirit to have such a gift.  She attended the Mass and was amazed: Someone who could not walk was now walking thanks to the intercessory prayers of this priest!  Almost everyone who he laid his hands on "fainted" (for lack of a better word to describe it).  My best friend said that the priest knew the particular concern or healing that each person needed and said his prayers specific to that.  When it was her turn and she "fell," she was aware of her surroundings but felt a very light electricity that made her feel weak…  Words fail to capture the exact feeling that she was feeling.  Suffice it to say, she, like the person who could now walk and everyone else that asked for healing, was now feeling much better.
I told her that she was blessed for today she was touched by an Angel.  She said, and rightly so, that it was not an Angel but the Holy Spirit that touched her today. Smile
Imagine that…  Contact with God!  Of course, we do have our own share of having close contact with God, and that is through Holy Communion which is the normal means.  However, it’s not everyday that you have extraordinary means of having said contact.  This was such a privilege, similar to that of, say, a Eucharistic Miracle.
Miracles do happen even in and despite this secular and cynical day and age — however they only happen if you have faith!
I’ve always known my best friend to have such a strong faith in God.  It is not surprising that this miracle worked for her. 
I want to be touched by the Holy Spirit, too.  I want to experience my own miracle per my own needs.  The question I now face is how much faith I have in our Lord Jesus that He, indeed, can heal and give us what we need — if we only have faith in Him, as is evidenced throughout the Gospels.
Do I have enough faith — and trust — in Jesus that He can grant me the miracles I need in my life?
The Lenten season is coming soon, but I don’t need to wait for it to begin my soul-searching introspection.  It’s an important task I know I have to do… And I guess it wouldn’t hurt if everyone did the same.
Oh God…  May I have enough faith and trust in You to deserve my own miracles.
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