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Prayers of Petition

February 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
Fr. Salvador “Boy” F. Pablo, SDB, is the rector of the St. John Bosco Parish in Makati.  Once in a while he is able to celebrate Mass at the RCBC Chapel.  Around the early part of last year I approached him about vocations.  He gave me as a gift a book about a collection of Vatican II’s Post-Conciliar documents.  He also lent me a book written by Pedro V. Salgado, O.P., who happened to be one of his professors. 
The title of the book is “Essays on Spirituality.”  I did go over the pages he cited that I check regarding vocations.  Aside from that I did find a few other topics quite interesting. 
One thing I took note of was a discussion regarding prayers of petition.  It put prayers of petition in an interesting perspective, so interesting that I copied and saved text from that book for my future reference. 
Unfortunately, I hesitate to quote text from that book in this post lest it be construed as copyright infringement.  Suffice it to say, here are the take-away points one can get from it:
  • Prayers of petition are not selfish.  These are in fact an act of humility that without God, we can never achieve anything. 
  • We should still ask Him for what we want even if He already knows what we will ask for and has a decision regarding it already, not to change His will, but to seek what He has desired to give us from the very beginning. 
  • We must have faith and trust in Him: If He says He will answer our prayers and grant what we ask, then He will. 
These are such encouraging words.  May we all persevere and persist in our prayers that God will grant us whatever we ask for in His name.  And just as important, may we all have the faith and trust in Him that He will answer our prayers – in the way that is best for us. 
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
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