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Divine Mercy – Novena and Celebration

We have an extremely huge spiritual gift from Jesus Christ up for our taking, if we wish, starting this Good Friday, April 10, 2009, and running all the way until April 18, 2009.
This gift is called Divine Mercy Sunday. 
It is the second Sunday after Easter, and this year it’s scheduled on April 19, 2009.  This feast points us "to the merciful love of God that lies behind the whole Paschal Mystery — the whole mystery of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ — made present for us in the Eucharist" [quote from the website; links following].  As part of the preparations to receive this gift we pray the Novena to the Divine Mercy for nine days starting Good Friday.  Each day has a particular intention, and we offer up a Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for that particular intention.
What’s in it for us?  This Novena promises a plenary indulgence, giving complete forgiveness of sins and punishment due to them.  You can either do this for yourself, or offer it for someone else, or all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, or for everybody for that matter. 
On normal days I also recommend that we try to pray the Chaplet, too.  I pray this on my way to work.  It’s faster to pray compared to the Rosary; it takes about only five minutes.  Said in particular for someone who is dying, it will help such a person go to Heaven.  In fact it is for someone who is dying that this prayer is most beneficial.  I invite everyone to pray this everyday for this intention, and for the spread of the Divine Mercy message and all those who are about to commit Mortal Sin at the particular hour that you are praying the Chaplet.
A lot more can be said about this, and I will leave it to the Marians of the Immaculate Conception to discuss Divine Mercy Sunday, the Novena, how to pray the Chaplet and all the mechanics further by providing relevant links from The Divine Mercy website:
One will find more links from these links, but one can start with the links I’ve provided here.
I sincerely hope everyone takes advantage of the opportunity to receive this very special gift from our Lord this Lenten and Easter season.  Please spread the word to all those who will stand to benefit from this gift — and actually, this is all of us!
Jesus, King of Mercy, we trust in You!
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