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The First Joyful Mystery

The First Joyful Mystery is the Annunciation.  This is when the angel Gabriel appeared unto Mary and informed her of the special grace that God wants to bestow upon her – that of being the Mother of God, our Savior. 
Mary may have been a simple-minded and uneducated child of 13 years old, but she was definitely not stupid.  She knew the risks entailed with being pregnant without having relations with a man – to say “yes” to the angel would have meant death for her.  But she said “yes” to God’s plan of salvation anyway, out of love, obedience – and in particular, trust – in Him.  After that event, the rest is history, as they say.  And what a glorious history that followed with the entrance of Jesus Christ into our world. 
The thought crossed my mind some weeks ago when I was praying the Rosary and reflected upon this Mystery.  Granted everything we’ve said so far about what Mary did, still, wasn’t what she did just some kind of “blind faith” in the unknown? 
Looking at it from the eyes of the world, yes, it does look like a bit of “blind faith” if you think about it, and a courageous one at that.  However consider this: Who are we to say that we actually know better than our Mother Mary? 
We may be wise in the ways of the world, but ultimately from the perspective of eternity, we are really nobody to say that we know any better.  We are just as “simple-minded” and “uneducated” as Mary.  It is our pride and ego, our being “wise in the ways of the world,” that gets in the way of really trusting in the plans of that Higher Power Who just wants us to be happy without end.  Mary is more open and humble to such direction, and so is able to perfectly trust in God and follow in His ways, no matter how dangerous and incomprehensible it may be.  And she is able to do this because she is confident in the love that God has for her; whatever lies ahead, she knows that He is there by her side and whatever happens is for our own eternal good. 
May we all learn to follow Mary’s example of trust in the Lord whenever we face difficult situations for which the good that will come out of it is incomprehensible to us.  Someday we will actually know better, by God’s grace.  For now the lesson we need to learn is to trust in Him completely during such trying times.
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