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Just got home a few minutes ago…  Got into an accident at the Eastwood Mall Parking Lot.  No other car was involved except mine: As I was backing out I didn’t notice that I was too close to the post.  The left rear side of my car was damaged.  The post had some minor damaga too, but the damage to my car was more extensive.  As usual — and this is actually a good thing, thank God — nobody got hurt.  Well, nobody except perhaps my nerves, hehehe. Tongue out  Hopefully my insurance can cover for this.  Well, these are the hazards of owning and using a car.  I have long accepted this fact. 
Oh my God…  I need to trust in You now more than ever.  This year has thus far been a very eventful one, indeed. 
You lead me to paths unknown that I obviously fear taking… So be it, Lord, so be it, for I know You are also with me in this journey. 
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You!
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