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God’s Work in His Time

God is the One Who ultimately does all the work, and in His Time. 
God helps those who help themselves.  There is truth in that.  Although, there is also truth in that ultimately it is God Who does all the work, through us, if it is His will.  
Here’s something that Dr. Robert Stackpole had to say in his latest article appropriately entitled "God’s Time is Not Always Quick," in relation to the delays St. Faustina encountered in doing His work of spreading the message of the Divine Mercy:
Jesus gave the work, but also allowed some roadblocks. Why? To show that the work was His. Think about it: If God gives a person an assignment and he is able to accomplish it quickly, then the person may be tempted to think that he did it himself.
Saint Faustina was never allowed to imagine such a thing. She met with much suspicion and persecution. Yet, we can now see how God’s hand was guiding things from the beginning. Now the Divine Mercy message and devotion is known throughout the world!
What if God decides not to give me someone who will love me back?  Will that count as a reason to stop trusting and loving Him?  No. 
He still loves me dearly.  He has a reason for not granting my desire, and He does this, still out of love for me.  Ultimately He wants what is best for us, and the end goal of every thing that He does for us is to go to Heaven, where we will finally experience the fullness of His love. 
Now, the cynical side of me says that I am just sour-graping.  However the fact still remains – we will all die someday.  Say for a moment I live to be 100 years old.  Yes, 100 years of heart break is terrible, and that is a very dire understatement.  However, how can that possibly compare with the perspective of eternity?  At the end of my days, whether that be in 100 years or in the next minute, everything that seemed to be important in this world – including having someone to love – will be so irrelevant. 
If heart break and solitude is what God deems as necessary for my eternal salvation, then so be it.  To be perfectly honest I do not want such a fate in this world.  But no matter how much I loathe it, ultimately if that is what I have to go through to get to spend eternity in Heaven, then so be it. 
God is love.  I take comfort and have peace knowing that no matter how painful life can get, He is still in charge of this world, making sure that no matter what happens, no matter how bad or hopeless it may be, it is still part of His plan for my eventual good.  I need to learn to trust in Him some more. 
Every work He does, or every evil He allows to happen, is borne out of love for us.  He has some good to give us coming from such painful experiences. 
May the Holy Trinity, One God’s will be done because it really is for our own good. 
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
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