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Kids Are A Blessing

I could not help but react to this Durex condom advertisement I saw today.
Apparently this is an old advertisement; some posts I’ve seen discussing this tag it at five years old. 
If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it sends the wrong message that having kids are a bad thing. 
Regardless of the circumstances (i.e. the kid was an “accident” because the couple is not ready to be parents, etc.) kids are a blessing from God! 
It is an honor and a privilege to be a father.  Not many are called to be fathers, and of those called not many are good ones.  Sure no one is perfect, but despite that there are still many, many more who are called to be fathers and who are just fantastic at their job! 
If preventing “accidents” really mattered that much, then why not just abstain from sex completely?  That is the most effective method, and it also saves one from contracting sexually transmitted diseases.  And, “being human with sexual needs” is no excuse to use and take advantage of other people to satisfy one’s lust.
Come on, people!  Can we please change our attitude towards how we treat our neighbor (they are not objects of pleasure!) and how we see children?  It’s no wonder our world is in such a mess now. 
Instead of a culture of death, let us promote a culture of life! 
We can save the world and make this a better place if we treat each other right, one man, woman and child at a time. 
To all Fathers here now and those who have come home to God – Happy Father’s Day to all of you!  May our God bless you and keep you in the right path in your vocation.  Thank you, for without you we your children wouldn’t be here now. 
And may God our Father have a Happy Father’s Day too!  He deserves it, too, you know.
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
Post-Script: Kids are like: You see the best in you and your spouse in them.  They symbolize that.  And that’s not just from a genetic and physical aspect.  You just know that the future is with them, and their success and joy in life translates to your own… and even more.
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