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A New Hope

Bo Sanchez published a post on June 8, 2009 entitled "Quit Often To Succeed In Life."  His insights into God and life in general never cease to amaze me.  In particular for this post, he outlined an idea that spoke close to my heart.  It is best summed up, and I quote thus:
Most of the time, the best way to solve your problems is not by solving your problems.  The best way to solve your problems is by making them irrelevant.  And the way to do that is to quit.
Three things first need to be defined:
  • Purpose is the final destination.
  • Path is the road going there.
  • Problem is the barrier on that road.
According to him people don’t quit because either (1) They confuse the path as being the purpose, or (2) They are not clear what their purpose is.  There is more than one path to take to achieve one’s purpose, one that will make the problem of the previous path irrelevant. 
I leave further details and explanations in Bo’s blog post.  Suffice it to say, it all made sense to me. 
I could see that in my life I’ve actually confused my path for my purpose. 
  • Purpose: To have a happy marriage. 
  • Path: ______. 
  • Problem: ______. 
The path I chose had a substantial problem: She could only see me as a friend, and nothing more than that.  Over the course of many years in trying to solve that problem, I lost track of my purpose in life.  Instead of having a happy marriage it became winning over her heart.  To do that I had to solve the problem but no matter what I did, she just couldn’t see me as anything more than just a friend. 
I guess it’s good that things happened the way they did, for it allowed me to step back and re-focus on my purpose. 
My purpose has not changed.  However my path will, now.  I now hereby commit to find a new path that does not have the same problem as before.  There’s bound to still be some problem along the way, but it will be something that I can handle – God-willing all of this, of course! 
This will also make the problem of my previous path irrelevant to me. 
God Still Has Control

The one Person I consciously try to involve in all aspects of my life is God.  Literally, without Him I can do nothing.  Ultimately, all work that happens in my life is done by Him and in His time.  All that He asks is that I trust Him that what He’s doing for me is in my best interest. 

God deserves priority in our hearts; we should love Him above all things first and foremost. 

That said…  When I find the “One” for me, I will love and care for her first and foremost as my expression of my love for God.  He deserves it, and He’s the reason why any one of us is capable of loving in the first place.  Hopefully she feels the same way about me, too; well and good, for doing this for her will be my second reason. 

I believe it’s important for me to take this approach because the reality is that life can be so uncertain.  I thought my previous path was the “One” but I was wrong.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t be wrong again.  If God wills that I go through this same trial again, for whatever reason He believes is best for me, then at least the love that I have shown her did not go to waste, for everything offered up to Him out of love never does. 

In His grand scheme of things, I would like to think that the love I have shown my previous love did not go to waste, too.  I trust in God that such is the case. 

The cynical side of me thinks I’m over-spiritualizing things again.  There may be some truth to that.  However one thing I feel is true of me, too: Sometimes this is all that I have left.  If it were not for my attempts to involve God in my life, I would be in such worse shape, if not already dead. 

I feel renewed. Smile Taking a step back and re-focusing on what my real purpose is gives me new hope that, God-willing, things will be so much better this time around – whatever happens. 
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
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  1. Karen
    June 27, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    when i read that article a week back..i immediately thought it was very applicable for you…happy you’re all good and moving on

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