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Cute Commercial by Indigo

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How tired I am of this, unbearable distance between us.
How I long for the toll of the recess bell.
Have you forgotten me?
Grown mindless of me?
Tell me I am not writing into an abyss, or that is what will become of my heart…

In case the video appears choppy, check it out directly in YouTube at
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Participation in His Will

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One of my college professors once said (more or less), “so what if you know how to solve the problem?  If you’re not the one given the opportunity to solve it then what’s the point?”
Last August 11, I received a long-distance call from a head hunter based in the U.S.  She was a recruiter for one of the few financial institutions in the U.S. that had the bragging rights of not needing any bail-out funding from the federal government.  The company was setting up IT operations in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, and they were looking to staff people with system engineering skills to support the business.  She saw my resume and considered me qualified for one of the open positions, hence the call. 
I thanked her for the offer, but had to decline it because it did not match my career interests.  It’s always nice to know, though, that my skills are still very relevant and marketable in the industry. 
As we were about to end the call, she asked if I knew anyone who might be interested in the position she was offering.  I mentioned that I knew someone who was qualified; she is currently in Canada but would be coming home to Manila soon.  To cut a long story short, it turned out that the recruiter was next scheduled to interview my friend Karen.   What turned out to be a job offer interview turned into a referral interview!  There must be a first time for everything, and as far as I’m concerned this was one of them.  Karen was a great fit for the role.  I hope she will be accepted because this would make things so much better for her: She would be working in the same company and in the same team as her husband, Bryan. 
Circumstances forced Bryan and Karen to end up half-way around the world from each other; this is a story that I will defer to them, in their own place and time.  Suffice it to say, things are looking very good for them: Karen was finally coming home, and there was a good chance that a job would already be waiting for her when she got home. 
Think about it: Here was this recruiter based in the U.S., reaching out to me in Manila, only to get an outstanding referral for someone she was scheduled to interview that was based in Canada.  It’s been said that we live in a small world, but just the same, what are the chances that such a thing could even happen?  Coincidence?  It can’t be!  It’s just too much to be just a mere coincidence.  With God there are no such things as coincidences – but there are such things as miracles, which I believe this one was! 
In my later chat with Karen, she mentioned that the recruiter was just overjoyed at this experience.  She was surprised and touched by the discussion we had. 
It’s just absolutely miraculous how God lines up people and events to ensure that His will is done.  I guess for Him to help me believe that miracles still happen in this world, He ensured that I played a direct part in one now.  It’s a small miracle, but a miracle nevertheless.  It happened to me many times when I was in school, and especially during my college years.   Now this was happening for Bryan and Karen. 
For myself, I was also blessed by this experience.  Anyone could have done what I did.  God could have chosen anyone to take point for it.  But out of all the people He could have chosen, He chose me to be that person to be in this place and time to be the one to help carry out His will for these two people, when they need it the most. 
This is one of the few times that I was courageous enough to respond to God’s call and take advantage of the opportunity He sent me to be a blessing to others.  It was a chance He gave me to make a small difference in this world , and is an honor and a privilege that I will always be grateful for. 
Thank You, too, God, for making me believe in miracles again.  Yes, good things do still happen because of You! Smile
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
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What You Leave Behind

August 16, 2009 1 comment
Here is a quote commonly misattributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, but nevertheless profound in its message:
To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – this is to have succeeded.
Last July 20, I saw an interesting episode of The Batman on Cartoon Network.  Since I like giving the short version of stories, here’s what it was about: In the year 2027, Batman was fighting Mr. Freeze, and in the ensuring battle the latter went missing.  As far as Batman was concerned, “the mission is never over!”  As it turned out, Mr. Freeze put himself in cryogenic suspension until such time that someone could revive him.  In the year 3027, the Gotham Police at that time discovered the remnants of the Batcave.  They found titanium covering the walls of the cave, and on it codes that they use to reconstruct information Batman left behind.  They used this information to stop Mr. Freeze, who was revived during their era. 
This got me thinking…  Exactly what will I leave behind long after I’m gone? 
I have my diary entries and other digital files and photographs that talk about my life, my world and my thoughts.  I also have other printed files, photographs and other effects that are a reflection of the life I lived.  However I feel that what I leave behind should be more than just these. 
These material affects will be forgotten or lost in time.  More important that these is the kind of life that (misattributed to) Emerson espouses.  What legacy will I leave behind to my heirs? 
Will they look back and remember someone who loved everyone dearly, and who they loved just as much?  Do I have values, virtues and life lessons that they will adopt as their own and carry with them for the rest of their lives, eventually passing these along, too, to the next generation?  Will I give them pride and honor that I have been a part of their lives?  Will they miss me? 
I am where I am now because of the love that has been passed and built upon by previous generations.  I will be forgotten someday.  But for as long as I’m able to pass on that legacy of love that I have inherited from all those that have come before me, I know that I will live on in the lives that this love will touch in all those that will come after me. 
The time to plant the seed of this future legacy is now.  For myself, I sincerely hope that I’m doing the right things now so that I will have something beautiful to leave behind for future generations. 
One story worth noting: Former President Corazon Cojuanco Aquino died on August 1 at the age of 76 in her battle with colon cancer (January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009).  Tita Cory is considered “a champion of democracy and a very great mother figure for our society” (quotation from DLSU’s Facebook posting).  God gave her the opportunity to make a difference by putting her in the right place and at the right time to restore freedom to the people after many years of authoritarian rule.  Democracy is her legacy to our nation. 
We don’t have to have Tita Cory’s situation.  In our own lives, if there would be at least one life who is or who will be living better because we existed, then we know that in our own small way, we have successfully made our mark in this world. 
God help us make the most of the opportunities He sends us to make this world a better place for all those who will come after us.
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
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Our guru on relationships, Joe D’Mango, read a letter to his wife on his popular radio program Love Notes. For the past 11 years, he had been giving advice to people who would write  him letters about their personal problems. To the surprise of his listeners that friday, instead of reading one of his usual letters, he read one that he had written himself to his wife Bing. Joe felt that he had to tell his listeners that even someone like him  could go through a marital crisis, but that he survived it. Here’s how his letter goes.

In our 11 years of marriage it was just the two of us. I never had a close circle of friends and she never had one either. Life for us was  just "you and me," day in and day out. We were literally sleeping beside each other for 11 years. It came to point that there was nothing more interesting to talk about. I was aware I was doing that but I never did anything about it. We were so close yet it seemed like we were so distant. Then came her new circle of friends.
They recently had an elementary and high school reunion. Remember her persistent suitor since elementary days? He was there. We already had  four daughters and the guy had four kids of his own. They exchanged phone numbers. They started to text each other and this bothered me. a big part of it was insecurity and other part was that she once denied that she was texting the guy.
I felt bad because she started hiding things from me. Then the guy asked her if they could meet for lunch. It became a source of tension between us. I finally agreed, but before that, I told her that I felt that I was going through the same pain again. I have seen so many stories like this. If you told me the first part of the story I would already know where it would lead to.
Bing accused me of being a "know-it-all" person. But deep in my heart I knew where she was heading. Why would a married guy see a married girl unless it was for business or professional reasons? Finally, even if it was against my will, I drove her to the meeting place.
While I was waiting at the radio station, I wanted to call her but  knew it wasn’t proper. So I just waited for her to tell me how their meeting went.
When she related to me what happened I felt that she was keeping the other details. I was afraid to ask because I wasn’t prepared to  accept her answers. I told her that it would be best if that was their last meeting. She got mad and told me that I was starting to control her life.
The following day, I saw a small, torn piece of paper that had the words,"lose you" in the trash can at home. I started picking up the pieces of paper and putting them together. She had written: "Felt sad because I felt that this will be our last meeting." "Wanted to hug you…" Before I could figure out what the third one was, Bing was already at my back. She wanted to get the torn pieces of paper back. She said it was private property. We decided to talk.
By then, I was able to figure out the third line: "Not sure if afraid to lose you." She had crossed it out and beside it, she had written, "Wanted to cry."
That was what hit me. How could you lose something that’s not even with you yet? That was a confirmation that she was getting emotionally attached to the guy. We fought because she didn’t want to admit it. She said that what she had written was all about friendship and not about love. For the first time in our marriage she asked for freedom from me. For 11 years we were always together, and now this.
She had discovered her own little world and wanted to explore it. I didn’t want to give it to her but finally I gave in. I told her that she could do anything she wanted and not worry about how I would feel. In fact, I told her that I was planning to leave her and kids for a while so we could give each other the chance to be alone. We decided to give the new arrangement a try.
The following day, Thursday, I went to work early and she texted me. I never answered back. When I didn’t respond, she called me. She said, "I’m sorry. I love you and I miss you." For the first time in our mariage I said, "I love you and I miss you too" with tears in my eyes.
I realized how much I loved her but I also knew how much she wanted her freedom. When I arrived at the station I asked for a leave. My boss advised me to think it over, but he said that he would allow me to on leave. After letting it all out I felt relieved. It was the first time in my life that I asked for advice about our relationship.
While I was talking with my boss, a messenger arrived with 12 white roses arranged in a basket. It came from Bing. Then a text message on my cellphone came, "I know that no material things can ease the pain that you’re feeling right now, but these flowers signify my pure and sincere intentions.
I’m really sorry. Please forgive me."
Still, a question continued to bug me: "I’m giving you the freedom. Will you choose to stay or go on?" I read the card, and it had the answer to my question: "Dear Dad, I finally realized that I made a very big mistake in choosing a newfound friendship at the expense of our long-time friendship. Please forgive me. I wil always love you."
Bing called the guy and told him that she wanted to end the friendship. He said that they could just text or call each other. Bing said that there was no need.
We had dinner and talked up to 1 am. It was like getting married all over again. We lost each other and found our way back. I do not want to go through the same pain again.
Friday came and it was the first time in the history of Love Notes that I couldn’t do Love Notes. I scheduled a replay. When I was at the station at 9am, I composed a letter to Bing. I was asking myself, should I read this or do a replay? I chose to read the letter. It is not unusual to hear people say "I love you because…," but this story has shown us that the deeper and greater love is having to say "I LOVE YOU IN SPITE OF…"
What hurts most?
..When you can’t fight for that one thing that would make you happy..
..I may never be the guy you look forward to seeing every day, but I will always be the guy who will look out for you each and every day..
sadgurl: "don’t make me feel that i’m just a selfish jerk just because I made you cry!"
sadguy: "then don’t make me feel like I did nothing for you when I almost died crying just to see you smile…"
Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?
love is when you can’t sleep.., it’s when you want to keep your eyes open..
love isn’t when you keep holding on.., it’s when you learn to let go..
love isn’t when you kill yourself with jealousy.., it’s when you understand..
love isnt’ when you fall for someone.., it’s when you catch that person when she falls..
love isn’t when you see her everywhere.., it’s when you close your eyes and she is still there..
love isn’t when you tell her what you feel.., it’s when you give everything for her sake..
And love isn’t when you think you were blind.., it’s when you know she was wrong but you didn’t mind.
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Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo

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kung ayaw mo wag mo – rivermaya

Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo
Hari ng dedmahan ang
Teleponong apat na
Magdamag ng ‘di umiimik
Kung ‘di ka tatawagan
May pag-asa kayang
Maisip mo ako’t biglang ma-miss
Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo
‘wag mo akong isipin bahala na
Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong
Ako’y iwanang nag-iisa
P’wes walkathon ako patungo riyan
Isosoli ko lang lahat ng mga sulat mo
At me-katok pa yata’ng doorbell n’yo
Magtatatlong oras na’ko rito… hello!
Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo
‘wag mo akong isipin bahala ka
Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong
Ako’y iwanang nag-iisa
Hindi kita mapipilit kung ayaw mo
‘wag mo akong isipin bahala na
Hindi kita mapipigil kung balak mong
Ako’y iwanang nag-iisa
Kung ayomo ‘wag, Kung ayomo ‘wag,
Kung ayomo, kung ayaw mo, huwag mo!
Kung ayomo ‘wag, Kung ayomo ‘wag
Kung ayomo, kung ayaw mo, huwag mo!
[This old but emotionally very powerful song crossed my mind today, and I could not help but enjoy it. Smile]
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Do Not Despair

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This is the closing prayer of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy: 
Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion – inexhaustible, look kindly upon us and increase Your mercy in us, that in difficult moments we might not despair nor become despondent, but with great confidence submit ourselves to Your holy will, which is Love and Mercy itself.
Jesus, King of Mercy, we trust in You! 
I read an article in the newspaper the other day about St. Padre Pio.  The author’s brother and sister-in-law were trying to have a baby for five years, but with no success.  In 1965 they went to Italy to see the saint.  The short story here is that the saint said to the sister-in-law that one year from now, she would have a son.  True enough, a child was born to them the following year, and they named him Pio.  The boy is now 43 years old and is a father himself to two children.  This in itself was a miracle.  What was equally amazing was that it was a known fact that St. Padre Pio could only communicate in Italian, yet the author’s sister-in-law was able to speak to him in English.  It was the saint’s guardian angel that literally translated the conversation that took place – another miracle in itself! 
This story serves to remind us that angels do exist, and they are our friends who are here to help us in this world.  More importantly, this reminds us that there is a God Who does exist and Who created and is in charge of everything! 
God is real!  His treasury of compassion is inexhaustible for all His creatures.  We should NOT despair because God is in charge of our lives, looking out for us in His way and in His time, ultimately giving us what is in our best interest. 
If we really believed in God, then we should completely trust that He will take care of all our needs in this world.  We have every reason to hope and trust in Him that He will take care of us in this valley of tears.
Mother Mary, St. Padre Pio, and St. Faustina, pray for us!  Jesus, King of Mercy, we trust in You! 
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PLDT SMTP settings

August 2, 2009 4 comments
Recently there were changes with the PLDT network setup in my area.  After much anxiety my connection problem was solved.  However one of the other things that changed were my SMTP settings.  A quick Google search and a visit to PLDT’s DSL website revealed the cause of the problem.  PLDT changed the SMTP server and blocked access to port 25.  This change only affected me when the new network configuration was setup in my area.
This SMTP change will only affect a user who uses an e-mail client to access his PLDT e-mail account.  Web access to said account has no problems. 
I’m using Outlook Express, and here are the settings that work for this client (and I guess this will be similar for other clients, too):
  • SMTP server:
  • Uncheck the "My server requires authentication" option
  • Port: 587
Unfortunately for me, it didn’t help that at the time this happened there were also some Exchange problems in the infrastructure.  I could tell this from the error messages that I was getting.  Fortunately things went back in order.  Let’s hope they stay that way. 
Something interesting to check out, too: Listing of Philippine ISP’s SMTP server.  NOTE: This list still shows the original PLDT SMTP server used which is apparently no longer operational.  The new PLDT SMTP server is mentioned somewhere in the comments section.