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A Letter from Heaven

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment
I got this from a discussion thread in Facebook.

A Letter from Heaven
– Author unknown
To my dearest family
Some things I’d like to say,
But first of all to let you know
That I arrived okay.
I’m writing you from Heaven
Where I dwell with God above,
Where there’s no more tears or sadness
There is just eternal love.
Please do not be unhappy
Just because I’m out of sight,
Remember that I’m with you
Every morning, noon, and night.
That day I had to leave you
When my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me
And He said, "I welcome you".
"It’s good to have you back again
You were missed while you were gone,
As for your dearest family
They’ll be here later on."
"I need you here so badly
As part of My big plan,
There’s so much that we have to do
To help our mortal man.
" Then God gave me a list of things
He wished for me to do,
And foremost on that list of mine Is to watch and care for you.
And I will be beside you
Every day and week and year,
And when you’re sad I’m standing there
To wipe away that tear.
And when you lie in bed at night
The days chores put to flight,
God and I are closest to you In the middle of the night.
When you think of my life on earth
And all those loving years,
Because you’re only human
They are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry It does relieve the pain,
Remember there would be no flowers
Unless there was some rain.
I wish that I could tell you
Of all that God has planned,
But if I were to tell you
You wouldn’t understand.
But one thing is for certain
Though my life on earth is o’er,
I am closer to you now
Than I ever was before.
And to my very dearest friends
Trust God for He knows best,
I’m still not far away from you
I’m just beyond the crest.
There are many rocky roads ahead of you
And many hills to climb,
But together we can do it
Taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy
And I’d like it for you too,
That as you give unto the world
So the world will give to you.
If you can help somebody
Who’s in sorrow or in pain,
Then you can say to God at night
My day was not in vain.
And now I am contented
That my life… it was worthwhile,
Knowing as I passed along the way
I made somebody smile.
So if you meet somebody
Who is down and feeling low,
Just lend a hand to pick him up
As on your way you go.
When you are walking down the street
And you’ve got me on your mind,
I’m walking in your footsteps
Only half a step behind.
And when you feel that gentle breeze
Or the wind upon your face,
That’s me giving you a great big hug
Or just a soft embrace.
And when it’s time for you to go
From that body to be free,
Remember you’re not going…
You are coming here to me!
And I will always love you
From that land way up above,
I’ll be in touch again soon
P.S….God sends His love.
I am so sorry….but, remember….God knows best!
My prayers and thoughts are with you always.
I love you more than you will ever know
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Symbols of the Judaeo-Christians

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment
My family was on a pilgrimage in Israel some weeks ago.  We captured the following photograph; I found it very interesting and educational. 


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An Appeal for Tough Love

November 23, 2009 1 comment
To the ladies: I’m sure you’ve come across a guy who loves you, but you know you can never be more than what he hopes you can be for him because the only thing you see in him is just as a friend. 
If you really know him, care for him, and truly are his friend, then you will do the right thing and break his heart.  Yes, it will be very painful for him.  But it’s better for his heart to be broken now than much later on.  When he has already invested so much of his life and emotions on you, the pain of heartbreak will be so much greater and so much longer.  Do not let him offer his life and future for you if you honestly cannot do the same! 
To the guys: Learn to take a hint – especially if it’s a very strong hint.  If she doesn’t want you then get over her and move on.  Don’t be such a fool: There are many more women in this world who can give you the love you deserve if only you would give them the chance.  Be fair and kind to yourself and give yourself another chance, too! 
Don’t wait for her for very long: Wake up from your fantasy and face the truth!  Haven’t you already wasted more than enough of your time and energy?  Accept the reality that she’ll never be more than what she can be for you.  Don’t force things to happen your way; just let it be and let her go.  And learn to be grateful that at least she’s still someone for you – if only just as a friend.  Some people never even become friends. 
Life is too short to remain bitter for the rest of it because of any one person.  Thus, learn to forgive.  As Bo Sanchez puts it, “…Bitterness is anger past its expiry date.”  Forgive her for the pain she caused you and, whether you realize it or not, also forgive yourself for your foolishness, and move on. 
This painful experience has taught you to love deeply and unconditionally.  Take this lesson to heart for it is helping you to become a better man.  God has someone better for your life, and the lesson of love that you get out of this is meant for her.  Trust in Him that things will turn out for the best in the end.  And they will – because He deeply cares. 
For all of us: Sometimes, tough love is worth losing a friend for, if it means something so much better for the other.  Let’s all try to be a better friend for each other.  Let’s never forget that. 
May God have mercy on us all… especially on me. 
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Lakas Tama

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Lakas Tama
Bulag ang pag-ibig
Kasabihan na sa amin
Ngunit para sayo
Ang pag-ibig ko ay duleng
Pagkat dalawang beses ako
Sayo may pagtingin
Kay tindi ng ‘yong dating
Sa puso’t damdamin
Sa tunay kong pagmamahal
Na totorpe sayo
Mukhang pinasukan ng daga
Ang puso kong bato
Dahil alam ko rin
Walang ibubunga ito
Natatakot akong mawala
Ang isang katulad mo
Lakas tama
Ako’y nawawala
Nawawala ang isip ko
Pag nakikita ka sinta
Lakas tama
Ako’y nawawala
Nawawala ang isip ko
Pag nakikita ka sinta
Mga kamay ko ay
Nanginginig na sa iyo
Napakayakap ka
Sa tuwing giniginaw ako
At ang iyong labi
Na sakin ay tumutukso
Kailan mahahagkan
Ng matapos na ang gulo
Sa pag puti pa ng uwak
Mo ako sasagutin
Kung ang kulay ko ay
Kay hirap paputiin
Ipagpatawad mo na lang
Pagkat kang mahalin
Ganto ako kung umibig
Medyo napapraning
Lakas tama
Ako’y nawawala
Nawawala ang isip ko
Pag nakikita ka sinta
Lakas tama
Ako’y nawawala
Nawawala ang isip ko
Pag nakikita ka sinta
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PRC License Renewal

November 22, 2009 2 comments
For those holding Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) licenses, here’s information that may prove useful to you: LBC has a PRC license renewal service. I tried it when renewing my license, and it works.
For those interested, call the LBC PRC license renewal hotline at 854-4848.
You will be asked what license you are renewing. You will also be asked to prepare the following: (1) Two pieces of passport sized pictures with white background and name tag, and (2) Photocopy of your current PRC ID back-to-back.
After discussing the requirements and getting information from you, LBC will give you a reference number. Keep that number.
You have until a certain number of days to go to the nearest LBC branch and submit the requirements plus payment for the fee. The payment will depend on the license you are renewing. You will be asked the reference number issued during the call.
LBC will process the license renewal for you and once it’s done, deliver it to the address you specify.
Some additional considerations: Some licenses require additional documentation such as a certificate of membership in your professional organization. To find out if the license you are renewing requires this, visit the PRC‘s web site for more information.
If you’re thinking of whether or not you will still renew your license even if you’re not practicing your profession, here’s my opinion: Take the effort to renew it anyway.
We’ve all spent four to five years training for the profession, and it wasn’t easy passing our Board Exams. You owe it to yourself to renew your license for all the hard work you put in to get it. Besides, not everybody gets to have a PRC license. Renewing our license also legally allows us to continue to use the professional title that comes with our training (if applicable). Not everybody becomes doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and other professions that require government examination. Take pride in what you have achieved.  Renew your license. 
Good luck!
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Finding the One

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment
The following is a prayer my cousin shared with me yesterday.  It’s a prayer for the right partner in life which she used to pray everynight.  She believes it helped her find her husband.  I, too, hope that this helps me find the ONE.  Thanks again Carol for sharing.

Dear Jesus, I know now that you are calling me to serve you in the married state.
I know too, that it is a life that calls for self-sacrifice, courage and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It will not be easy to live as a true Catholic parent, to put the interest of You and Your Church before those of my sometimes selfish heart.  But, Lord, I know You will give all the graces to live as a holy and happily married Catholic. 
Of all these graces, Lord, the greatest for which I can ask is the right partner who will share with me all I have, all I am and all I will be.  Guide me of my choice, Jesus.  Help me fall in love with the one person You know will be best for me.  Give me the person who will strengthen me through life’s tears and inspire me to see all the goodness and happiness of two people living together with You, dear God, in their midst.
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How to Die

November 2, 2009 Leave a comment
How to Die
by Ricardo F. Lo
This is a re-posting of a section of an article I read in the newspaper today. NOTE: The author got the original text from the book "You Can’t Afford The Luxury of A Negative Thought" by Peter McWilliams.  This appeared in his regular FUNFARE column in the Philippine Star on November 2, 2009
The final lesson in my crash course on dying is 10 suggestions on how to die. You can file these away until you need them.
1. Get things in order. Things you don’t want people to see? Destroy them. Things you want people to have? Give them away. (“Let the season of giving be yours and not that of your inheritors” — Gibran, The Prophet.) Pay debts. Make notes of what you’ve done. Make it easy for whomever you choose to take care of things after.
2. Make a will. Of things that weren’t given away, decide who gets what. Put it in writing. Make it legal. Choose an executor. Do you want to be cremated or buried? Decide what kind of funeral — if any — you want. Bette Davis said, “I don’t want donations made to any charities in my name. I want lots and lots of flowers!” If that’s how you feel about it, say so. In writing. And don’t forget to make it a “living will” if you don’t want extraordinary medical measures used to prolong your life.
3. Say goodbye. Goodbyes don’t all have to take place on your deathbed. You can say goodbye to people, and then see them every day for the next 50 years. Tell people what you would want them to know if you never saw them again. Give them the opportunity to do the same. Usually, it boils down to simply, “I love you.”
4. Don’t spend time with people you don’t want to spend time with. When people hear someone is dying, they all want to make a pilgrimage. Many of these people you haven’t seen in years and, if you lived another hundred years, would probably never see again. Say goodbye on the phone. Tell them you’re just not up to a visit. You don’t owe anyone anything.
5. Spend time alone. Reflect on your life. Make peace with it. Come to terms with it. Forgive yourself for everything. Learn what you can from what has happened, and let the rest go. Mourn the loss of your life. Come to a place of understanding and acceptance. You may be surprised how quickly you get there.
6. Enjoy yourself. Make a wish of all the movies you want to see or see again. Rent them. Watch them. Read the books you never got around to. Listen to your favorite music.
7. Relax. Sleep. Do nothing. Lie around. Recline. Goof off.
8. Pray. Listen. It is said people are closest to God at birth and at death. If you missed God the first time around, catch the deity on the return. Whatever inspirational or spiritual beliefs you hold dear, hold them even closer. You are being held close, too.
9. Enjoy each moment. Appreciate what is here and now. That is where eternity is found. You may only have a few here-and-now moments, but it’s a few more than most people will ever have.
10. When it’s time to go, go. Let go. Say one last goodbye and mean it. Say goodbye so completely that you’ll never want to come back, you’ll never even look back. All the good you take with you. The rest is goodbye and moving on.
Do most of these sound more like suggestions for living than for dying? That’s because they are. The best way to die is to live each moment fully. Then, when the time for death comes — be it next week or 50 years from now — it’s just another event in an already eventful life.
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