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All Saints’ Day is that time in the Church’s calendar when we remember the Saints and those now enjoying the company of God in Heaven.  Ideally it is usually spent in Church, praying for their intercessions to our God.  All Souls’ Day is that time when we visit the cemetery to remember our beloved departed. 
In the Philippines the practice, as it turns out, has been historically mixed up somewhat: We visit our dearly departed on All Saints’ Day.  In any case it does not matter, I think.  What’s important is that we do remember them – and we pray for the eternal repose of their souls. 
It was a beautiful, bright and sunny Sunday All Saints’ Day today.  Like in previous years, we went to Loyola Memorial to visit the graves of my paternal grandparents who both died in 1989 around nine months apart from each other.  It’s been 20 years since they passed away, and up to now I still miss them.  On November 8 we’ll be in the North Cemetery to visit the graves of maternal grandfather who died in 1997 and my maternal grandmother who died in 2005.  I miss them, too. 
I’m really thankful to our Lord that I got to have great sets of grandparents on both sides of the family.  Some people are not fortunate to have met their grandparents, or even get to know them better before they departed.  I’m grateful I had a number of years to enjoy their company, especially my maternal grandmother who was my last grandparent who died. 
Life is short.  It’s meant to be spent enjoying, appreciating and loving the people God sends in our lives.
Someday we will all be together again, reunited in His Kingdom.  Until then, life goes on.  The daily struggle of being a member of the Church Militant continues until finally our mission in this world is over, and it becomes our turn to go Home to where we really belong for eternity. 
May God welcome all His people, all His children into His Kingdom with love, mercy and peace. 
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You! 
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