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An Appeal for Tough Love

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
To the ladies: I’m sure you’ve come across a guy who loves you, but you know you can never be more than what he hopes you can be for him because the only thing you see in him is just as a friend. 
If you really know him, care for him, and truly are his friend, then you will do the right thing and break his heart.  Yes, it will be very painful for him.  But it’s better for his heart to be broken now than much later on.  When he has already invested so much of his life and emotions on you, the pain of heartbreak will be so much greater and so much longer.  Do not let him offer his life and future for you if you honestly cannot do the same! 
To the guys: Learn to take a hint – especially if it’s a very strong hint.  If she doesn’t want you then get over her and move on.  Don’t be such a fool: There are many more women in this world who can give you the love you deserve if only you would give them the chance.  Be fair and kind to yourself and give yourself another chance, too! 
Don’t wait for her for very long: Wake up from your fantasy and face the truth!  Haven’t you already wasted more than enough of your time and energy?  Accept the reality that she’ll never be more than what she can be for you.  Don’t force things to happen your way; just let it be and let her go.  And learn to be grateful that at least she’s still someone for you – if only just as a friend.  Some people never even become friends. 
Life is too short to remain bitter for the rest of it because of any one person.  Thus, learn to forgive.  As Bo Sanchez puts it, “…Bitterness is anger past its expiry date.”  Forgive her for the pain she caused you and, whether you realize it or not, also forgive yourself for your foolishness, and move on. 
This painful experience has taught you to love deeply and unconditionally.  Take this lesson to heart for it is helping you to become a better man.  God has someone better for your life, and the lesson of love that you get out of this is meant for her.  Trust in Him that things will turn out for the best in the end.  And they will – because He deeply cares. 
For all of us: Sometimes, tough love is worth losing a friend for, if it means something so much better for the other.  Let’s all try to be a better friend for each other.  Let’s never forget that. 
May God have mercy on us all… especially on me. 
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  1. Karen
    December 3, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Life is too short to remain bitter for the rest of it because of any one person. Thus, learn to forgive. As Bo Sanchez puts it, “…Bitterness is anger past its expiry date.” — so true…thanks fr this jp!

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