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The Promises of God

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One of the key lessons I got from this year’s Simbang Gabi Homilies is to trust in God, and to surrender one’s self to His will.  “You’re will be done, Lord” is simply translated as our “Amen.”  It is with this surrender that we trust that God will fulfill all His promises to us; that He will grant all that is in our best interest. 
Speaking of Him fulfilling His promises, it reminds me of the Fourth Joyful Mystery, which is the presentation of Jesus Christ to the Temple.  What this event shows is that God always remembers His promises.  He fulfilled His promise of a Savior by giving us the greatest gift of all – His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It took God 42 generations before Jesus Christ was born (see Matthew 1:1 – 17), but the Father’s promise to Abraham to send us a Savior eventually happened at the right place and time in our history, in God’s choice and design. 
It made me wonder why I sometimes think that I want to override God’s will for me – to have things happen my way. 
If we really trusted in God then we wouldn’t even question His will, or think that He doesn’t grant our desires – or that has He has failed in delivering His promises to us.  It’s true that He doesn’t grant all our desires, but only because He has something better for us, and we just need to have faith and trust in Him. 
Do you remember the times when things were simple?  When we were children, we could trust our parents that they would take care of us and give us everything we needed.  This is what God also wants from us.  After all, He is our Father, we are His children, and as children we can trust that our Divine Parent is watching over us and ensuring that we get everything that is in our best interest. 
There’s a nice article from the Divine Mercy web site entitled “Come to Me as Little Children” as captures the essence of trusting in God like a parent, because we are His children.  A short excerpt follows:
Jesus wants us to come to Him as a little child. What does that mean?
It means to come to Him with trust and full confidence that He will never abandon us. Elizabeth Rose, our youngest, doesn’t worry about her next meal or her college education; she trusts her mom and dad and runs to us with open arms, knowing that we will never abandon her. And that is how we must look at Jesus and our spiritual journey. Even though we may have to walk through a burning bush and suffer in this valley of tears, we will have inner peace on earth and a joy beyond all understanding when we see Him in Heaven.
You know what’s been said: Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it. 
What if He actually gave me what I want, even if in the long-run it would not be good for me, simply because I was too stubborn to have faith in God almighty despite my constant profession of belief and faith and trust in Him?  I’ve played out some scenarios in my head if things actually happened my way.  I might actually get what I want… and regret it. 
For my sake… I hope it doesn’t come to that. 
It all boils down to trust.  May I learn to trust in God some more, that He will fulfill all His promises and give me everything that I need, and much, much more. 
Jesus, King of Mercy, I trust in You!
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