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Hyper-V Tip

Here’s something I learned, not as part of my Windows 7 training per se, but because I had to troubleshoot the training setup to get any of the laboratory exercises done.
Context: Windows Server 2008’s Hyper-V is used to serve up virtual machine images of Windows Server 2008 and Windows client machines for purposes of training.  The problem is each machine cannot see each other or the Windows Server 2008 virtual machine that acts as a Domain Controller. As a result, test user accounts could not login to the client machines, file shares could not be seen and pings from each virtual machine to another in general failed.
Solution: Using the Network Manager of Hyper-V, configured a new virtual network connection but used the private to virtual network configuration. 
  • Setting it to use an external network configuration didn’t work because outbound traffic from each virtual machine was getting directed to the physical network card, and it wasn’t getting to the virtual machine it had to go. 
  • Setting it to use an internal network seemed to work but only partially; for some reason not all of the traffic was getting to the virtual machine it had to go.  The ping might even be successful — from the IPv6 of the virtual machine — but the other machine was still inaccessible; IPv4 did not produce any ping results.
  • Setting it to private to virtual network forced all traffic to circulate just within the running virtual machines — traffic was now going where it was supposed to go. Test user accounts could now login and file shares were accessible. IPv4 pings were also successful between each virtual machine.
Hope this helps whoever else encounters the same problem.
I’m going to say it, since I couldn’t help but say it…  Thank You, Jesus, for Your guidance in this simple matter. Smile
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