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Tooth Ache – The End

Lord – Your will be done! 
Today was my 23rd root canal draining session, and it will be my last.  After 194 days the saga of my tooth ache has finally come to a closure – with the extraction of my molar. 
When Dr. Casimiro examined my root canals she noticed that pus re-developed.  Half-way through cleaning the canals she noticed a fracture that ran from one side of the tooth to the other.  The tooth is already dead, and by nature it is brittle.  I recall getting scared about getting this molar fractured last February, but I guess at that time it was not yet as brittle as it was now.   Now more brittle than ever, I guess the wear and tear finally gave in, and it cracked.  Dr. Casimiro stopped the draining procedure because nothing more could be done for my molar – it was fractured, and it now had to be removed. 
I spent a few minutes on the dentist’s chair contemplating my situation.  The extraction had to happen sooner or later, and since there was no point in delaying it, I decided to have it removed immediately. 
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and that was my feeling up to the time I left the clinic.  Dr. Casimiro felt so sad for me, too.  Normally a root canal treated tooth would last for many years provided it didn’t fracture, but I guess such was not meant to be for my case.  She was additionally saddened by what happened because this was her first case to extract a fractured tooth.  Her associate said that it was like I was giving birth to a child, only to suffer a miscarriage towards the end.  My situation was also likened to experiencing a tragedy because of a sudden death of someone. 
Around 30 minutes later, the extraction was over.  Dr. Casimiro didn’t charge me for the extraction anymore. 
The next step is to get fitted for dentures.  It will take only a week for the flesh to heal, but usually around two to three months is given before dentures are fitted.  I plan to go back to the dentist next month for a check-up – and if my gums are ready, to have dentures fitted. 
I guess this was how the story was meant to end.  This particular molar has given my problems for one reason or another for the last 10 years, in particular for the last five years.  It’s time to say goodbye to it and move on.  And so I shall. 
So be it, Lord.  So be it. 
At least some good things happened along the way.  I gained new dentist-friends.  This experience has taught me to be patient and persevering.  It sounds like I’m making a big deal over a small matter, but from an emotional aspect it does feel that way, and so as far as I’m concerned, it is.  Thus, the final lesson I’m learning is to be trusting in His will for this particular aspect of my life – and to move on and move forward. 
The day will come when I will have to face greater trials than this.  At least I can take the lessons of this experience to heart when that time comes, for in such small matters is where I get the preparation I need to be ready to face the bigger matters in life. 
After all the time and effort put in, I lost my molar today because of a fracture. I’m sad, but at least we tried to save it.  Goodbye, molar.  Thanks for the many years of service. Life goes on…

When I left, out of "shell shock" I suppose, I forgot to thank Dr. Casimiro and everyone in her clinic for being there for me during this trial.  Thank you, Doctor, I really appreciate it.  See you next month for my check-up. 
Jesus, I trust in You!
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