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Noynoy: You either love him or hate him

Supporters of Noynoy Aquino have had to endure a lot of bashing from the supporters of the other candidates since the start of the campaign period.  The counting will end very soon, and with 85% of the precincts checking in (as of this writing) and with a 4.8 million lead, it’s not the supporters of the other candidates that will see their candidate enter Malacanang.
Are people so afraid that Noynoy will not do anything right?  That seems to be the general impression, that he’s such a good for nothing and now that he’s in power, he will screw things up big time.  And we hear all this conjecture before he even starts his term.  How cynical.  If it helps to allay anyone’s concerns that Noynoy doesn’t pull his own weight, why doesn’t anyone check his congressional track record?  People claim that he’s done nothing, but the record actually shows otherwise.  Sure, I’ll grant that Gordon and others have done so much more (yes, I recognize that); still, Noynoy did do his job and try to effect change.
I wonder if most people would feel comfortable if Estrada won this election.  Noynoy is more than a "better than nothing to fight Erap" option.  You cannot compare him to Erap because he has done what he was supposed to do as a legislator, and he will do the right thing as president. 
More than that, what sets Noynoy apart, what makes him my president, is that for me he has the strength of moral character to remain on the path of righteousness, just like his father and mother.  Granted further that no one is perfect, not even Ninoy and Cory, still, we need a leader like him with this characteristic at this point in time in our country.  I don’t feel we can get the same from the other candidates — but that’s not to say that they don’t have any!  I just feel that at this point they’re not the best symbol of a leader having it.  I’m not confident that they can unite and lead our people in the moral path that we must take in the way that Noynoy can do.
I believe this is what 40% of our electorate also feels.  Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.  No, my friend!  That was the case for EDSA 3, but not so here.  We fight for a leader who represents the change we need and who has the high moral characteristics we need in our country.
You can condemn my president as much as you want, but the fact remains that right now, whether you like it or not, he’s now your president, too. 
If people are so disgusted about Noynoy then I suggest they GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY as soon as possible.  You sore losers piss me off.  Seriously.  We don’t need you.  The last thing we need are people who will not help in building a nation, working for the good of this country with who is now in charge.  If you don’t want to help then at least get out of the way of those who want to do something constructive for our motherland. 
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