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Being Unreliable is an Injustice

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Today I’ve decided to forgive PLDT for missing the rebates I deserve.  I can live without the rebates anyway.  The stress involved in arguing with them is not worth my sanity.  This however does not change things: They still did a wrong to me by not giving me credit for the horrible downtimes I recently experienced. 
I’m not the only one with a problem with PLDT.  I’ve seen many more people complain about it.  A recent example is a friend of mine who ranted in his Facebook page that PLDT closed the support ticket he opened to repair his DSL, saying that somebody confirmed it was now okay when he himself did not do so.  It makes one think nasty thoughts that PLDT did this on purpose either just to piss off their subscriber or out of sheer laziness and hope that the problem will magically go away and become irrelevant.
All these experiences serve to show a fact of life: Ultimately, because of human weakness, no one in this world is really and truly reliable.  Failing to meet one’s expectations of a service one is supposed to do competently the first time around – or at least try and give a genuine effort to provide said service – is an injustice to the aggrieved party because the latter is not getting what he rightfully deserves, what he’s even paying one to do in the first place!  Being somebody big (real or imagined) and belittling those who rely on you by not giving their valid concerns the attention it deserves is unfair, disrespectful and outright wrong! 
It’s also a reminder that at the end of the day, it’s really only God Who can be trusted in this world, because He’s the only one Who is really and truly faithful and reliable.  God will never fail us.  He will always give us what we need, and more, in the way that will truly be in our best interest, if we let Him.  
Put your faith in God and not in man, for only God is reliable, just and good. 
Jesus, I trust in You!
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