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Please Don’t Interrupt

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Getting interrupted when I’m trying to say something is very irritating.  It’s just plain rude.  It makes me feel like the other person has something more important to say than what I have to share.  It makes me feel like my opinion doesn’t matter so much, or at all. 

I don’t like it when I’m saying something and then someone just cuts in.  I lose my train of thought.  Sometimes, I actually have something worth sharing, if only people would be polite enough to give me a chance to speak my mind, uninterrupted. 

I also don’t like it when I’m in the process of answering a question posed to me, and the asker cuts in with follow-ups.  It gets worse when the asker even provides his own thoughts on the answer I will give to his question.  If he seems to know the answer already, or already expects a certain answer from me, then why is he bothering to ask me at all?  If you ask me a question then I assume you really want to know what I have to say about it – so let me speak and finish.  Otherwise, don’t ask me anymore.  You won’t get all the answers you need from me if you keep on interrupting, or already have a closed mind on what you want to hear. 

I’d like to think that I keep an open mind.  To that end, here are some counter-arguments:

  • Maybe it’s also possible that the person does actually have something more important to say than what I have in mind.  It’s still rude, and it certainly still messes up my train of thought when I get interrupted.  But I’m still open to hear something wise said by another person than something I want to say that might actually be stupid. 
  • I can also use the interruption as an opportunity for additional moments of time to collect myself and think through some more on what I have to say.  For all I know, the interruption could be just what I need, and the delay could even stop me from saying something that I’ll only regret later. 
  • Hearing someone speak also gives me a clue of what they have in mind and the type of character they possess.  Knowing someone through what he says and how he thinks is useful to know how better to interact with him in the future. 

At the end of the day, I just want what every one of us deserves: Basic courtesy.  Please give me the chance to speak my mind, because I will be extending the same courtesy to you. 

Jesus, I trust in You!

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