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Anti-Contraceptive Commentary

These days there is some talk again about the Reproductive Health Bill in Congress, and the opposition of the Catholic Church against it because it promotes a culture of death instead of a culture of life.  I side with the Catholic Church on this matter. 

My Stand

Kids should be considered a blessing.  To exclude the Divine Plan to have children for the sake of convenience is not what God had in mind when He invented sex.  At the same time they should be open to God’s Will in the procreation of new people, to give them the chance to also experience His love. 

Guidance of the Catholic Church

When we pray the Rosary the first prayer that is said is the Apostle’s Creed, and before it ends we mention that we believe in the Catholic Church. 

We believe in the Church because it is not a mere human institution; God Himself established it and gave her the authority to lead His people back to Him.  All the teachings of the Church are not inventions of man’s intellect, but rather these are of God, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  In other words, what she teaches is what God wants for us, and what God wants for us is always good. 

 The Church is advocating responsible parenthood, which is to say that she recognizes the need to control family size, but she wants to ensure that it is done the right way, which is according to God’s design, and this is through natural methods.  Family planning advocates the use of artificial methods which just don’t sit right with how God wanted sex to be. 

Because the Reproductive Health Bill is a hot topic again, and I see a lot of bashing on the Catholic Church once more because of her opposition to it.  To understand why she is so against it, one must look back to Humanae Vitae for her point of view. 

The following are excerpts from an article I saw two years ago that talks about the Church’s point of view on the matter, as expressed via Humanae Vitae.

Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later
By Janet Smith

This was a matter of God’s law and not man’s law, and there was no way that the Church or anyone else could declare it morally permissible…

The Church teaches that contraception is evil because it violates the very purpose and nature of the human sexual act, and therefore violates the dignity of the human person…

The Church condemns contraception since it violates both the procreative and unitive meanings of the human sexual act. It diminishes an act that by its very nature is full of weighty meaning, meaning that is unique to the sexual act. To engage in an act of contracepted sexual intercourse is to engage in an act that has the potential for creating new life and an act that has the potential for creating tremendous emotional bonds between male and female and simultaneously to undercut those potentials. Sex is for babies and for bonding; if people are not ready for babies or bonding they ought not to be engaging in acts of sexual intercourse…

…the truth is that if a pregnancy results from an act of sexual intercourse, this means that something has gone right with an act of sexual intercourse, not that something has gone wrong.

We generally are truly in love with those with whom we want to have babies; we do want our lives totally tied up with theirs. We want to become one with them in the way in which having a baby makes us one with another – our whole lives are intertwined with theirs; we buy diapers with them, and give birthday parties, and pay for college and plan weddings. A noncontracepted act of sexual intercourse says again just what our marriage vows say “I am yours for better or worse, in sickness and health, till death do us part.” Having babies with another is to share a lifetime endeavor with another.

The Church condemns contraception not because it wants to deny spouses sexual pleasure but because it wants to help them find marital happiness and to help them have happy homes for without these our well being as individuals and as a society is greatly endangered.

In teaching that contraception is intrinsically immoral, the Church is not imposing a disciplinary law on Catholics; she is preaching only what nature and the gospel preach. By now we should have learned – the hard way – that to defy and overindulge our sexual nature, to go against the laws of nature and God, is to inflict terrible damage on ourselves as individuals and our society as a whole.

Ultimately our relationship with Jesus Christ is more important that any convenience we may get from contraception. 

I think people need to reconsider their need for convenience versus the opportunity God gives them in His work in our lives. 

Jesus, I trust in You! 

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