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Doing Something Rather Than Nothing

Doing something desperate to solve a problem, even if it might be monumentally stupid, sometimes feels so much better than doing nothing at all, because it gives one the feeling that at least one is trying to do something.

Of course, the danger of doing something – anything – out of desperation is directly proportional to the magnitude of the stupidity of the action. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that one has full control over the situation, and one can be mislead into a false sense of being in control and handling it right. But at least it does provide some psychological comfort that some attempts are at least being done to try and rectify a bad situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean the problem will be solved, but at least there’s some attempt to do so.

Sometimes, just making the attempt can make all the difference.  Sometimes, something is still better than nothing.  I don’t know how or why, but my gut feeling tells me that this is so.

Dear God… Please help me do the needful in my life!

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