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RH Bill and the Poor

I think the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill is the defining issue of our generation.

They don’t say it, but most people I know think the RH Bill is important so that we can control the growing population of the poor. It is said in the context of concern over the poor’s inability to feed more people that they introduce in this world at the poverty level.

That said I just have to ask the following questions: What do we think of the poor anyway? Do we see them as vermin whose population we need to control if not totally eradicate? Are we being selfish at denying the poor the right to procreate and introduce life into this world? By virtue of not being poor, does this give us more right to have more children compared to them? Do we fear the growing number of the poor – do we actually feel threatened because of their number?

It is true that people should be responsible in bringing life into this world. It is true that there are many more mouths to feed in families that unfortunately don’t have the financial means to make that consistently happen. It is also true that many people will not help these poor families feed themselves. It is true that poverty is an ill, and it doesn’t help anybody and everybody in many ways if more people are wallowing in it. But the RH Bill is so NOT the answer to this problem! A group of U.P. faculty, students and former students put up an online petition outlining all the scientific reasons why contraception is bad idea and what our government should focus on instead. I would have also signed the petition if I were from U.P.; nevertheless I totally agree with their position on the matter.

Ultimately what we need is Responsible Parenthood. What the RH Bill espouses is Planned Parenthood, and the methods it seeks to employ goes against everything that God intended when He created the physical union between a man and a woman.

I only have questions. I don’t have the answers. What I do believe in my heart is that the RH Bill is not the solution to help the poor in our country. The help our poor need is going to be something else – I wish I knew what it was and could implement it, but admittedly I don’t – and not the RH Bill.

Each day I fear we come closer into enacting this stupidity into law… May God help us all!

On a side-note: Since Her founding, the Catholic Church has always been and will forever be a counter-cultural institution. She’s not here to win a popularity contest; the Church is here to preach the truth of God and His law of love. The Catholic Church has always been under attack for one reason or another whenever Her truths do not agree with popular opinion. The Catholic Church has traditionally advocated against contraception; She will never back down or compromise to it because this is against the Will of God. So be it, then.

Dear God… This is Your fight, not mine; I’m merely Your messenger. May You find a way to enlighten the hearts of Your people concerning the truth of this matter.

Jesus, I trust in You!


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