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Owning The Solution

Last April 30, I attended a Career Coaching training session in the office that was very insightful. It talked about the process one can follow to coach the people under you. It’s actually not just applicable to work but also to coaching other people in our lives, and even ourselves.

The one significant life lesson I got from the training is this: It is absolutely critical for all of us to eventually come up with the solution to our own problems, and not rely on other people to tell us what to do. It is only through coming up with the solution to our own problems where we take responsibility and gain ownership of the actions that need to be done.

If someone else tells us what to do rather than help us come up with the solution ourselves, then there is no real ownership of the solution, and where there is no real ownership, follow-up and follow-through can fail, and you’ll end up blaming the other person for telling you what to do, and feel bad about it. It is still so much better for us to tell ourselves what to do instead.

Even if you ask someone for options, ultimately you will make the final decision on what option to do; ultimately you will take ownership in driving the option chosen to completion.

Own the solution. It’s the only way you will feel right about doing it, and it’s best way to ensure that it will happen.



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