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Strike Without Warning

February 23, 2013 3 comments

Never make threats that you can’t follow through if the need comes to that.  Empty threats only diminish your credibility and ruin your reputation.  You end up in a very weak bargaining position – if at all in a position of one.

It’s so much better to strike without warning.  The sheer shock and awe effect of your actions will catch your enemy off guard and put you in a perceived position of power, whether such is actually true or not.  Make your strike the threat and warning of more strikes to come if you don’t get your way.  Influence the course of events and decisions through the unexpected force of might.  And if people cannot decide, then step in and make the decision, and make it in your favor.

Surprise attacks will usually find your enemy in a position of being unprepared for a response, since they didn’t know what was coming.  If necessary, use this momentary weakness to your advantage to strike and strike again.  In other words, if there is a tactical advantage to doing so, then kick your enemy while he is down again and again.  This further emphasizes your power over your enemy and makes you bigger in their mind.

This technique can only work so often; when people have come to expect your brash moves, you lose the element of surprise.  Therefore, use this technique sparingly – only for the right reasons and circumstances, when and where it really counts.


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