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Humility: Feeling Entitled Despite Being Nothing

Never forget that you’re God’s Child. In His heart, you’re more important than the entire universe. When you call on Him, He’s there. When you pray, He’s listening. When you ask, He gives you the best version of what you’re asking for. (Not necessarily what you ask for, because you sometimes ask what is second best.) You’re His Child. Bask in His love for you! Each morning, wake up and shout to the universe: “I’m a Child of God!” – Bo Sanchez

It’s not too much to ask God for the people and things we want in life. However let’s not forget that God doesn’t owe us anything and He literally doesn’t have to do anything for us, but He does so anyway and despite our constant unworthiness out of love for us.

I’ve come across a couple of examples in the last few weeks that show people feeling a sense of entitlement that is ultimately out of place. In the last few weeks I read some articles about students or graduates expecting to get high-paying positions and salaries in such a short time, much less get hired just because of who they are; even without considering God’s influence in the matter, the world work this way, and these people will only end disillusioned in life. Speaking for myself, I rant about how bad things are in the company, and how much I think I have the right to do so because of my performance. However the reality is that, despite it all, I need the company more than it needs me, and as good as I might think I am, the company still doesn’t have to do anything about my complaints if they choose so because they can still operate without me, or anyone else ranting the way I rant. It’s a sad but sobering – humbling – reality of life.

It’s a fallacy to think that we’re entitled to whatever it is we think we’re entitled to when in fact everything that we have and everything that we are is because of God. We never really earned anything on our own power; whatever efforts we exerted to achieve and reach far in life are all because God blessed us with the capability and the opportunity to do such. We are literally nobody in a position to demand to get what we want from God. And even if He wants to give us what we ask for, it will happen in His terms and in His time, not ours.

Even with the most important matter in our life and after-life, which is our salvation, we’re in no position to boast that we can do any better, because we literally cannot save ourselves. There is nothing that we can do to ever repay the debt of justice that we owe God for our sins, and it’s for this reason that He came into this world to take point in atoning on our behalf. And given our nature, it’s expected that for as long as we’re in this world, we will always be sinning, and so we will always be in need of His mercy.

We are nothing without Him. We cannot do anything without Him and we’re dependent on Him for literally absolutely everything in this life, including our life itself. This is not over-spiritualizing for it’s the truth. It’s in remembering that we are nothing that we learn to be humble. It’s in being humble that we begin to be holy – and truly happy in life.


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