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Choosing Hell Out of Pride and Selfishness

February 15, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Would you rather be in Heaven but spend an eternity in regret for not doing something that is wrong? (The concept of regret as contextually used here and Heaven are contradictory, but for the sake of argument assume it’s possible.) Or would you rather be in Hell forever but at least happy with the thought that you did the wrong you wanted to do? Is there ever anything in this world, as fleeting and fragile as everything in this world is, that is worth sacrificing one’s eternity for?

It’s bad when someone would rather suffer for his ego and pride than humble himself and admit he’s wrong or someone actually knows better than him. It gets worse if other people become involved and also suffer for the person’s foolishness. Such a person doesn’t need to die first before going to Hell; he has already chosen to be in Hell while still here in this world.

I can imagine some people actually willing to go to Hell if it means getting their way with things in this world even if such are not right. For them forcing their will is all that matters because that’s what makes them happy, and an eternity of suffering for such temporal desires of this world would be worth it rather an eternity of regret in not doing it. If this describes you then so be it; have your way, no one will stop you anyway.

God doesn’t send anyone to Hell. It’s actually people who choose to go to Hell because they’d prefer that over Heaven, and this happens when they still prefer to choose what’s wrong over what’s right .

Pride and selfishness sends many people to Hell, by choice. Pray for the grace to choose correctly every day.


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