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Tactics in Life: Differentiation and Compromise

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We’re all different and unique. We all have our own dispositions, situations, backgrounds, cultures and perspectives in life. To be successful in life you have to recognize and respect these differences by factoring in flexibility in accommodating other people’s differences in the way that meets everyone’s interests.

Compromise can be both good and bad. Compromise is good when differing parties can agree to a common set of principles to achieve a particular goal, given that everybody has a different outlook on things. However compromise can be bad for the same reason, because it reduces everyone’s aspirations to the least common denominator. In other words, everyone is getting something but sometimes only in the most rudimentary of aspects as far as they’re concerned; nobody is getting everything they want, and this can lead to dissatisfaction for everyone.

I think the best way for everybody to get what they want is to agree to a common basic standard that everyone can agree with it, and allow people to build upon, customize and specialize what they want based on that. All parties have a common framework where everyone is in agreement, and how that is executed becomes specific to what makes sense to each party.

Respect for differing belief or non-belief is a core tenet of what it means to be human and is a good example of where compromise to accommodate all our differences can be applied to have a win-win situation for everybody. We can all agree to be moral and ethical in the way we live. How we live a moral and ethical life is where our specific differences have an opportunity for expression.

Sometimes painful compromise might be the only option available, where the end result is the most basic of what we hope to get and nobody gets everything they want and are thus not completely happy. It’s situations like these that feel like nobody really wins. As much as possible this is to be avoided, but if this is the only way to move forward and get something done, then this needs to happen. You can’t win everything all the time, so just aim to win where it really matters and hope to win the next fight.

There will be things in life that are not up for discussion or compromise. Values that you hold dear and sacred should not be forsaken just for the sake of tolerance of differences, especially if the value you hold is actually the truth. A good example of this is continuing to value life while many in this world espouse the culture of death. Stand your ground. You will not be able to please everybody anyway; it’s in these moments where the truth is concerned that compromise is not an option and the differences will just have to clash. The truth will come out anyway, in time.

Accommodating each other’s differences while not compromising too much on what really matters is never easy to do, but if you want to be successful in life then it has to be done somehow.

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