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Tactics in Life: Seek to Understand

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Because God is good and everything He created is good and He created us, everyone is good by default. It’s only when we use the gift of free will to go against His commands of love that we do not become good.

Unless you already know otherwise, no one is intentionally malicious by default. Give a person the benefit of the doubt when he is acting difficult. There is bound to be a reason for his attitude. It will help a lot in making a decision on what to do next to handle such a person in particular, and the situation you’re in with him in general, if you know and understand where he’s coming from, because this is what influences his stand on the matter.

We need, for example, to recover a certain sense of deliberateness and calm. This calls for time and the ability to be silent and to listen. We need also to be patient if we want to understand those who are different from us. – Pope Francis

It’s another matter altogether if you already know that the person is intentionally malicious about something. Avoid him if at all possible; deal with him as best as you can if you cannot get him or yourself out of the way.

Seek to understand the opposing party better so that you can better frame the situation you’re in with them, and make better decisions on the same. Having this understanding is knowledge that can be used in one’s favor to attain success in one’s goals.

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