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The Human Interest in Each Other

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I let people speak their minds in order to learn more about their disposition in life. Honestly, I occasionally find the opinions I hear annoying, bigoted, cynical, judgmental and micromanaging, but I’d rather be aware of such perspectives in life than be blissfully ignorant of the same, because in the long run it helps me understand them better.

One thing that is very obvious in the course of hearing such opinions (but I’ll still say it anyway) is that people like to talk about other people a lot.


Talking about people can be both a good and bad thing. Talking about the good in people, especially in their presence, is of course nice. But gossip is the obvious example of this being a bad thing. When you discuss people in order to assassinate their character, destroy their reputation and bear false witness then this is an evil that has to be stopped. There’s no place for such an attitude towards our fellow man in a world that is stressful enough as it is.

For what it’s worth, we only talk about people who have something interesting to offer to us. In other words, they are somebody because we pay attention to them; whether that’s actually true is another matter altogether. If they were nobody to us then we wouldn’t even bother. Therefore whether it’s good or bad, talking about people elevates to them to somebody of status whether they deserve it or not.

One thing is clear: The lives of people are a continual human interest to us. And for as long as we’re interested in each other, good or bad, we will continually want to know more about each other until the end of our race. That being said, let us take an interest in each other but for the good, and beyond just mere talk actually do something good if we know our fellow man needs it.

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