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Life’s Still Moments

February 16, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Given that we only have a limited time in this world, this doesn’t mean that we need to fill every moment of our lives with busyness. There is value in the silent and still moments that life affords, if we choose to seek out such moments.

These still moments in life force you to reflect and confront any deep-seated fears and concerns. This can consequently be a very unnerving experience, which is why it might be preferable to fill one’s time with a lot of noise which serves as a distraction from the same. Nevertheless it’s important to stop and reflect every once in a while.

It’s in these moments of quiet where you can ponder about the issues that you can still do something about. It’s in these moments where you recognize those issues that you’ve tried to address, but eventually come to accept that you’ve pushed as far as you could, and so it’s now time to move on as appropriate. It might be convenient not to know what’s bothering you, for the answer can sometimes be very distressing. But knowing is better because it leads to either action or acceptance; this in turn eventually leads to closure and peace.

Embrace those moments of pause that life has to offer – and remember that you are not alone in facing whatever challenges lie ahead.

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