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God Qualifies Who He Calls

June 29 is celebrated as the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul.  They are two pillars of the Catholic Church; Peter was the first Pope, and in this capacity led the Church in its earliest days, while Paul is the Apostle to the Gentiles, bringing the Good News to those who were not Jews.

The Gentiles have the Faith because of St. Paul.  One thing worth noting is that his conversion to Christianity is testament to the truth of Jesus Christ that He resurrected from the dead and has gained for us salvation and eternal life.  One of the best proofs of the truth is the testament of a “hostile witness.”  Paul, being one of the earliest persecutors of the followers of Christ, could not have been a better hostile witness at that.  The fact that he completely reversed his stand on Christianity and literally died for Jesus in the end points to the reality that something did happen to him in his life’s journey for him to make a radical change.  What happened is that he met Jesus, and his life, and that of the Gentiles, has never been the same since then.

St. Peter was not perfect.  In my opinion it’s because he wasn’t perfect that he was a very good if not the best representative of humanity, for none of us are, either.  In thinking that Jesus was a political and military leader, he didn’t want Him to die on the cross.  He denied Jesus three times to save himself.  And yet in the end he showed his great love for Jesus when he thrice answered Him that he loved Him, and he demonstrated that by spending the rest of his life proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ and the Good News of our salvation, dying for Jesus in the end.

There is a practical lesson to be learned in the lives of these two great Saints.

Don’t be discouraged by your sinfulness for this isn’t a hindrance to doing God’s will.  As in the case of these two Saints and others like them over the ages, God uses even the greatest of sinners to accomplish His will which is for our good.  In fact it’s through one’s repentance and conversion that such an act serves as a witness and helps spread the truth of the Gospel.

We don’t need to wait to be perfect to do God’s will.  It’s enough that we remain open to His grace to work in our lives and be willing to participate in carrying out His will in whatever capacity He wants us to do so.  We don’t need to be perfect to do good deeds out of love for Him and our neighbor.

God does not call the qualified; He qualifies those who He calls.  Every day God is calling us to lead lives of holiness, for such is the path to true happiness, here in this world now and in preparation for the next.  I pray that we will answer His call, trusting that He will give us all the graces we need in carrying out His will in wherever He needs us to be in this world and in our particular state in life.


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