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Nothing Lasts Forever: All Happiness is Bittersweet

All happiness in this world is bittersweet because someday it will all come to an end.

Nothing in this world lasts forever, most in particular are the people we hold dear.

Sometimes, you won’t have the time to say your goodbyes, as they will leave so suddenly or after just a very short time.  Other times you will still have that one last chance to be with them.  Either way, when it’s their time to go, they will, and no matter how much you prepare for when that day comes, you can never be truly ready for it.

When you think about it, it seems pointless to get who you want in life.  No matter how much time you spend to be with that person, through no fault of their own, someday that person will leave you, because we all go through this life.  That being said, you don’t give up on them that easily.  The time spent with them will still be worthwhile.  Enjoy who you have now, but be ready to let go someday, out of love.

And on an extended note, given how temporary this world is, there’s still value in doing good and for working for justice in society so that we will all be happy.  We don’t have to wait for the next life to experience the love our hearts long and yearn for; even while still in this world we can already get a taste of eternal happiness through such work.

In the end, the only Person who will never leave you and who will forever be constant is God.

Every day and every moment that we have is precious.  It’s irrelevant if the end comes suddenly or you have a few months to prepare.  All time is precious, and more so if you know you have so little left.  Don’t act like you still have tomorrow.  The only thing you are more or less sure of (and then some) is today, so make the most of today, for this day could literally also be your last opportunity to love.

On a personal note, I’m so grateful to God for all those days that have gone by, for it meant these were the days when I still had that “one more day,” a gift to be lived and seized one day at a time.

The end is going to happen someday, eventually.  The time will come when I will no longer have that “one more day” left for the people I love, and someday that day will also come for me.  I can only pray that it’s not going to be today.  And while that day isn’t here yet, at least as far as I can ever tell, I pray to be able to make the most of the time I have, right here and right now, with the people I love.

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