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Relationships Are Important

Relationships are important.  Don’t be arrogant to think that you can go through life alone and be successful.

A lone wolf is a dead wolf.  Granted that you may not be a “people person” (i.e. you hate everybody), the reality is that sooner or later you will need others in one way or another.  You needed others in the past; you need people now, and you will still need people in the future.  Don’t go through life being confrontational, aggressive and abrasive with others because that will only alienate you from the relationships you need to develop and nourish in order to survive and thrive in this world.

Life is stressful enough as it is.  Being toxic to others is the last thing you want to be because in doing so you will get nowhere without the support of the relationships that will get you somewhere.

I’m not saying you please everybody, for that is impossible.  I’m not saying you give up your sense of self to fit in with the crowd, for that wouldn’t be fair to yourself and the values you hold.  I’m not saying you be good to people just so that you can use them and get something out of them, for that wouldn’t be right.  I’m not saying you still try to be in a relationship even if it’s no longer good for you.  I’m saying give everybody the basic respect and courtesy they deserve, be a good person and treat everybody properly – these are the things you also want and deserve, after all.

Last but definitely not the least, take care of the relationship you have with God, for He is the reason why anything is happening in your life – and the very reason why you’re here in the first place.

The relationships you have with God and your neighbor are the reason for your success and happiness in life.

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