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Be True to Yourself

I’ve come to realize and appreciate the people who don’t try to change me so that I conform to a certain idea that they have of who I should be. That is the kind of respect we all deserve and should give to each other.

We spend our whole lives trying to fit in when in fact what’s really important, especially if we want to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, is to be ourselves to stand out.

We all need to live in this world together, and in the pursuit of such some measure of acceptable compromise is necessary in order for us to live in harmony.  If it’s just a “surface-level” compromise to make the relationship better then I think it’s worth it.  Conflicts and damages in relationships over petty matters are never worth it; save the battles for issues that truly matter.  After all, some level of acceptable compromise is necessary in any relationship to work (romantic, family, community, etc.).  And if the relationship is important enough then you will find a way to make it work

That being said, it’s still crucial to stand up for yourself; no one else will, and you don’t want to lose your self-respect.  Push back on those who tell you that you should be someone you’re not.  After all, you still don’t have to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. 

It’s critical to be true to yourself.  Being genuine is the only way to be truly happy and comfortable under your skin.  Rejoice in your sense of identity – rejoice in being you.  Besides, the hardest thing you can do is not be yourself.  The last thing you want to do is live out your life in a lie.

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