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Graciousness in Accepting Honor

It’s important to be gracious in accepting honor.  This is particularly true if the honor comes with additional power.

It will always be important to be humble in conceding that there are people better than you.  It’s not surprising that one reason why you are successful in life is because the people you work with and / or who work for you are better than you; it’s their work that makes everyone collectively successful.  Give credit where credit is due; if other people deserve the honor, then it’s only right to allow them to enjoy the recognition and rewards that are due for their hard work.

That being the case, there’s also something to be said about being gracious when an honor is bestowed upon you.

It’s not right to lord your honor over others.  There’s no place for arrogance and power-tripping.  You cannot do things alone.  You might actually be “somebody” now, but sometimes it’s the people who are “nobody” around you that are the real source of your power; in other words it’s because of their contributions that you are “somebody” now, also.  And there’s nothing you could do in life if God didn’t bless you to be able to do such in the first place.

When an honor is bestowed upon you, you need to be humble to accept the reality that more responsibility has been entrusted to you.  It takes great courage and strength of character to justly use the additional authority granted to you.  The reward for good work is more work, and now more is expected from you.  Granted that you might be allergic to work, do not shy away from the additional opportunities to make a difference in this world.

Be perfectly honest with yourself, too: You know you want and appreciate the honor as well.  You may validly hate the additional responsibilities, accountabilities and consequences that come with more authority.  But deep down you know you deserve the recognition and praise.  Give credit where credit is due – respect yourself enough to accept the credit because this also applies to you.

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