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True Freedom Comes from a Sense of Security

There’s more freedom to enjoy and be happy in life when there’s spiritual, physical, emotional and financial security.  Such security comes from having discipline and order in one’s life.

Granted that there are many unknowns in this world or things out of your control, where such can be the cause of so much insecurity.  However the one thing you still have control of is yourself and how you allow or not allow such external factors to affect you.  Respond to the events of life, not react to it.

Ironically, absolute freedom, which is doing anything you want and living a life free from the consequences of terrible decisions, is dangerous.  Living such a life leads down the thorny path of anarchy, of many broken hearts, and of many shattered dreams.  Ultimately this leads to fear and the reduction of our collective freedom.  In the end, a life free from consequences is a life without consequence.

A life lived with discipline and order is a life that is secure and peaceful; it’s a life that’s truly free.

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