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Daily Routine of Happiness

Some people hate Mondays.  The start of the week represents the resumption of the cycle of drudgery that ends on a Friday.  It’s the weekend where happiness is present.

Granted that the work week can be difficult, the harsh reality is that if this is your perspective, then it’s only two out of the seven days in a week where you are happy.  To be happy only two days in a week is just sad and wrong.

I think the key to make the work week an enjoyable one despite the issues, or at the very least a bearable one, is to find a reason to make you look forward to it.  That way, you’re not just waiting for the weekend to be happy – every day of the week is a reason to be happy.

As far as I’m concerned, here’s how I handle it:

  1. I see every moment of every day as a learning experience from the University of Life.  There seems to be always something new to learn and experience, if you keep your mind and heart open and respond to what life throws at you.  Living life each day and learning from it gives me material to reflect upon during the weekend.  I would not have a lot of ideas to think and write about if I didn’t take the time and effort to notice the insight hidden in every event that happens.  I look forward to every day because every day is a day to learn, and it’s in learning something new that I find happiness.
  2. Some days I have something special reserved for it.  Every Monday is my “status reporting and issue escalation day,” simply because this is when my weekly 1:1 with my boss is scheduled.  This is when I have the chance to escalate issues and ask for help to sustain me in the coming week.  On Tuesday evenings, I catch up with the latest technology news in Ars Technica; it’s this time when new stories come in.  On Thursday evenings, I do the same activity as Tuesday since my Wednesday evening gets filled up with night calls.  Friday is my movie night; on this day I watch the latest movie showing that interests me.  I occasionally interchange my Thursday and Friday evening activities, depending on my mood.  Sometimes I spend both days watching movies in the evening, or if nothing interests me then I use both days to catch up on my technology reading.  Every day I try to attend Mass unless I have a meeting over lunch.

The point is simply this: You don’t have to hate Mondays.  Find a reason to look forward to each day.  Do that and every day you’ll be happy, and will not need to wait for the weekend to be happy.  With the right daily routine, every day is a happy day.

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