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Leadership: The Value of a Very Good Leader

I wondered why it’s common practice to pay people occupying senior leadership positions in a company (i.e. President, CEO, etc.) sometimes an exorbitant amount of money.  What these people do every day is to sit in an office, read e-mails, attend meetings and do other such “admin” work.  Compare that to people who are on the field doing all the “actual work” to make things happen.  It seems like those at the bottom of the corporate ladder should get a higher share of the reward for the contributions they put in compared to the paper-pushers at the top.

It’s not easy to see, but these highly-paid people, though it seems like they’re doing comfortable jobs, are actually the reason why those under them have a job to do in the first place.  In other words, they’re paid to be leaders who make the decisions on what needs to be done to drive the company forward and be successful.  For very good leaders, every dollar paid to them to make a particular decision is a dollar well spent because it’s what they decide to happen that makes everyone in the company prosper.  In the same token, they have just as much command responsibility for decisions that are not good, and so it’s usually fair to hold them accountable for screw-ups and get them out of the way for the same reason.

Sometimes in life, you cannot truly quantify the value of a very good leader.   Beyond just good decision making, very good leaders provide people a grand mission and vision that motivates them to work for a shared and mutually beneficial goal; give them an opportunity to be part of something bigger and greater than themselves; and because people trust them, also give everybody a sense of security.  If you have a leader who can inspire you to be better beyond your own self-beliefs, who you have absolute confidence that everything will be alright and more for as long as he’s the Captain of the ship because he has the best interest of everybody in mind, then it’s worth every moment to be led by such a person. And it’s worth whatever it takes to keep these leaders in your world.

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