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Applied Christianity: Suspend Judgment, Show Compassion

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It’s hard to understand and easy to judge people for what they think, say, and do if you don’t know the circumstances that have lead them to think, say and act the way they do.

Usually it’s only when you find yourself in the same situation as the person you passed judgment on that you finally understand him better and are actually compassionate to his situation, because now you can finally relate to what he’s going through.

Being in the same tough situation as another person and thus becoming empathetic to his plight is a hard lesson to learn.  Sometimes the best lessons in life are learned the hard way.  Maybe someday, we will be able to learn these hard lessons in life without experiencing such for ourselves; that day might happen when we finally learn from the mistakes of others.  For what it is worth, the experience keeps you humble because you’re reminded that you’re no better than anyone else.  You unfortunately also know the pain involved; this is good because you know you’re still human, because you can still feel something about life.  And for as long as you can still feel the pain, the one you and also others are experiencing, you know that you’re still alive.

Note that this doesn’t give anyone the excuse to do what is wrong if in fact what the other person is thinking, saying, or doing is wrong.  Rather, understanding why some people do the wrong that they do only gives all the more reason why they need mercy and acceptance.

Besides, if the truth is really with you, then in God’s mercy and time, they will come to that truth, too.  Sometimes the path of salvation laid out for people to take can involve a very circuitous route, but they’ll eventually get there when the time is right and they’re ready for it.  However they won’t get there if they feel a spirit of condemnation from those who supposedly practice the understanding and compassion that they need.

Hopefully being able to understand people better will lead to a more loving, more compassionate, and less judgmental attitude towards people who think, say, and do things differently than you do.

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