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Life is Exciting, Ironically Because of the Struggles

Life is a journey, not a destination. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s actually the journey, and the struggles that you encounter along the way, that gives excitement and meaning in life, and not necessarily just the destination per se.  Ironically, there’s value in the struggle, in not getting what you want or in things not going according to your plans, because it gives you meaning and purpose to continue living and striving.

It’s when you’re most in pain, in however form that comes to you, that you feel the most alive.  In fact sometimes it’s because you still feel pain that you know you’re still alive, figuratively and literally.  Pain is that necessary evil that sometimes you need to give you a sense of purpose to change and fix things, to make things better – it motivates you to take action.  You appreciate some more of the beautiful moments of life after going through a world of bitterness.  Put another way, you don’t want to die just yet because you feel that you have unfinished business to resolve.

Speaking of resolving unfinished business, there’s a problem when you stop caring about something when you should.  It’s okay not to care for the things that don’t really matter.  However sometimes not feeling “righteous anger” (for lack of another way to describe it) over a wrong that should be corrected is a sign of indifference, and that can be a very dangerous thing because it allows something wrong to continue.

The man that has something to prove will try harder, fight harder and love harder.  The man with angst in his life is the one with more drive in his heart and more fire in his soul.  He is that man who goes through life and gives it everything he’s got.

You know what they say about life being like a piano.  The white keys represent times of joy while the black keys represent times of sadness.  In the end, both keys contribute to making beautiful music.  For what it’s worth, life wouldn’t be as exciting and as colorful in the absence of angst and struggle, for such gives us a reason, even an inspiration, to do something to make things in our lives, and consequently in our world, better.

Life is exciting because of all the struggles that are part of the journey.

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