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Accepting or Rejecting People

You should NOT change who you are for another person to accept you.  They either accept you as you are, or reject you for the same reason.  If you have to change for someone to like you then that person doesn’t deserve you.  Besides, being someone you’re not is one of the hardest things one can ever do.

Being exactly who you are, with all the brutal truth that comes with it, is the reason for me to accept or reject you, too.  I will not ask you to change for me.  And it’s for this reason that if I can’t handle you for whatever character flaw that you have then I don’t and won’t have to – I’m being very blunt but honest here.  It’s either I accept and deal with whatever it is about you that annoys me, or I leave you alone.  And if I don’t want to do the former then I will most definitely do the latter.

It’s for this same principle that I’ve learned to accept and, to some degree, even welcome rejection.  I’d rather be with someone who celebrates me for all that I am, weaknesses included, rather than tolerates me for the same, for that’s how I would treat that person, too.

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