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Passing Judgment, Needing Compassion and Mercy

Let’s just accept the fact that it’s in our nature to judge and criticize people for their sins and what-not.  Sometimes we do this just because these people are “not one of us.”  It’s especially easy to condemn someone if we don’t know or have the time to bother to find out the full story behind him, and we have our own biases and assumptions coloring our perspective instead of the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Justice will always be important.  Sometimes the judgments we pass on people actually have strong merit, and for the sake of justice people need to be called-out and exposed for the evil that they do.  That being said, one common thread you will find in everybody, whether they be righteous or wicked, is that we’re all broken in our own unique and special way, and it’s for this reason that we’re all in need of compassion and mercy.

Imagine your particular judgment in front of the Just Judge as He reviews the story of your life.  Will you still be able to keep your head held up high due to virtue and righteousness?  Or will you bow your head down in shame due to your inequities?  Will you find yourself obstinate and impenitent that you got your way with things even if such was evil, out of misplaced pride?  In my opinion, I think one’s own judgment would be the most excellent time to humble one’s self, though I don’t know if this might already be theologically “too late.”  In the Final Judgment, all things hidden will be exposed for all of Creation to witness.  Keep your own judgment in mind whenever you judge other people.

If we’re courageous enough to be perfectly honest with ourselves, and thus find the time and strength to judge our own life by the same standards that we judge others, then we’ll be reminded how broken and in need of compassion and mercy we are, too.

This Divine Mercy Sunday and every day of our lives, let’s continue to pursue what’s just and right, but let’s not forget to also consider compassion and mercy.  After all, if other people sorely need it, then we need it just as much, too.

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