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Give the Young Huge Responsibilities

There is value in giving huge responsibilities to young people.  I remember the sentiments I had with a now-former staff (he has since retired) not taking on work stress that’s likely commensurate with his experience with the world, having someone young to deal with it instead (and that would be me).  I did a risk-benefit analysis of sorts, and I think I understand why.

The primary reason for giving them huge responsibilities is because they have the energy that comes with youth to persevere in a task and see things through.  That’s not to say that the not-so-young anymore don’t have it within themselves, but let’s face it, when you’re young you have more of that and then some.

The young don’t have the benefit of wisdom that comes from experience.  However, ironically, it’s for this same reason that they don’t carry any mental or emotional baggage that can potentially weigh them down, a risk that can set their mind to have a narrow point of view of the world.  At least from this perspective, the young are more inclined to explore new ideas.

It’s in the course of carrying out these huge responsibilities that they learn and gain wisdom, too.  The caveat here is there’s the danger that they can get stressed out, disillusioned and even cranky sooner rather than later; this is something they need to learn to deal with somehow as part of the process of learning and maturing.  But they are young, and because of the resiliency that comes with youth, they should be able to bounce back, likely faster than older people.  And when they come out of a tough experience, they come out stronger, better, and wiser.

So, give the young huge responsibilities.  It’s good for them in the long run; it’s one of the best ways to grow in life.  They can handle it – or die trying anyway.

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